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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Darren Sharper Says He Would Take Drew Brees Over Brett Favre in the Clutch

It is no surprise to hear Darren Sharper say he would take former teammate Drew Brees over former teammate Brett Favre. Sharper played with Brees more recently and Brees is a much more well-liked NFL player than Favre.  However, the reason he gave is pretty entertaining.

“With the game on the line I would have to go with Mr. Drew Brees, because we’ve seen Brett — who I love to death — throw the ball up in the air when anyone can make a play on it, intercept it, at the end of games,” Sharper said on Sportscenter Tuesday according to Pro Football Talk. “If you want to come down to a two-minute drill where you need a play for your team to win, you go with one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL, and that’s Drew Brees.”

That’s an even easier question for Sharper to answer fresh off of Brees’ record-breaking performance against the Falcons.  Still, it’s fun to continue to use Favre as a punching bag.  That makes two players this season who have said they prefer their current signal-caller to the Ole Gunslinger.  All Favre is a jackass jokes aside, I’d take Brees or Aaron Rodgers over him any day.

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