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Friday, April 20, 2018

Deion Branch: Some Jets Were Classless After Win with Excessive Celebration

The Jets pulled off the upset win over the Patriots Sunday and celebrated as if they had won the Super Bowl. You had Braylon Edwards doing gymnastics, and half the defense flying around the field like a bunch of airplanes. That was after the game. While it was still going on, Shonn Greene pretended to sleep in the end zone after scoring to make it 28-14. Unlike Jim Nantz who was outraged, if there was ever a time to take an excessive celebration penalty, it was when Greene did it. The Patriots certainly took note and didn’t appreciate the antics.

Former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch, who dropped a key 4th down pass preventing New England’s comeback, had some words for the Jets after the game. “There was a lot of classless play on the football field after the game. But you have to expect that from some of the guys over there,” Branch said. “Some of the guys … that was the only thing that was embarrassing. I think right now, there’s just a lot of frustration.

“I’m a champion. I’ll always congratulate the guys upon victory. They beat us today. They beat us when it mattered. So the ones with class, I shook their hands. The other ones, I didn’t. They don’t deserve my nor my teammates congratulations for them to act like that. You can tell they’re not used to being in this position for guys to act that way — for some of the guys. You can tell some of the guys who have been in this position before, they act differently than the ones who haven’t been there. But I don’t have any excuses. They beat us. That’s all right.”

Branch nailed it. Some guys, not all of them, were classless. The classless ones didn’t deserve the handshake afterwards. And you know what? Some of the Jets went overboard. Yeah it was a huge win for them, but it was just the Divisional Round of the playoffs. They still have to beat the Steelers on the road and then win in Arlington to be the last team standing. They still have a long way to go and the way they’re acting, it’s as if they’ve already won it all.

Photo Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

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