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Monday, April 23, 2018

Derrick Mason Responds to Trash Talk in Bill Belichick Documentary

Whether you were fortunate enough to catch the first installment of A Football Life on Thursday night or not, you have probably heard a little something about Derrick Mason and Bill Belichick going at it.  In what was perhaps the most surprising twist of the entire first segment of the Belichick documentary, Mason and the Patriots coach got into it near the sideline and Belichick was raining f-bombs everywhere.  While shocking to hear from the mouth of the Silent One, in reality it was nothing more than typical football trash talk.

Now that the two-year-old exchange has been put out there for the public to see, Mason has decided to respond.  Check out these tweets he posted on Friday afternoon.

Mason closed it out with a “see u soon coach b.” Could you argue that Belichick was disrespectful to Mason? Absolutely. Keep in mind Mason was the one who began the trash talk, but Bill was obviously a lot more vulgar than the then-Ravens wide out.  Still, what’s with that first tweet?  He might as well have called him “boy?”  I don’t see how anyone could pull the race card just because someone says “f*** you” in response to garbage talk that they started.  We get it, Derrick — you’re embarrassed.  No need to get all crazy trying to defend yourself.

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