Dolphins S Don Jones after Michael Sam pick ‘omg’ and ‘horrible’

Don Jones DolphinsThe reception after Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday was pretty welcoming, but one NFL player did not approve and let people know over Twitter.

Miami Dolphins safety/special teamer Don Jones tweeted “OMG” after Sam was drafted. When someone asked if Jones’ “OMG” tweet was about Sam, he responded that the Sam s— was “horrible.”

Don Jones Michael Sam

That makes Jones the second Dolphins player to get in trouble for a tweet sent during the NFL Draft. The other player was Mike Pouncey, who deleted his Twitter account on Friday after a hazing-related tweet.

Here’s what Hickey told the media Saturday in response to Jones’ tweets.

“That is not what we stand for as an organization,” Hickey said via the Palm Beach Post. “The draft weekend is the culmination for so many players, their lifetime achievement of their dream to achieve the goal, for Michael Sam and for all the other players. It’s a celebration, as they begin their future as their playing goal. I think it’s a great thing for the league. I was disappointed by those comments.”

It’s unclear whether Jones was tweeting about Sam simply being drafted or the way he kissed his boyfriend, but it doesn’t really matter. That type of reaction is simply immature and inappropriate.

Image via Twitter/Bart Hubbuch

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  • Sparg

    I anticipated seeing “Richie Incognito” as the second Dolphin. At least Sam won’t have to worry about that yahoo being a Ram.

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