Dolphins Handling of Tony Sparano is Completely Unprofessional

When all the dust clears, it’s likely that Tony Sparano will return to coach the Miami Dolphins and feel fortunate to still have a head coaching job in the NFL.  However, that doesn’t mean the relationship between he and Miami owner Stephen Ross won’t be strained.  Why shouldn’t it be?  The Dolphins have been openly and actively considering new candidates for their head coaching position — a position that has remain filled by Sparano the entire time.

Miami is 25-23 in three seasons under Sparano.  That record is nothing phenomenal, but it’s not all that poor either.  Whether or not he deserves to remain the coach of the Dolphins is beside the point.  While Sparano was still under contract with the team, Miami was courting Jim Harbaugh and setting up meetings with Eric Mangini.  Harbaugh has since accepted a position to coach the 49ers and Ross insists the meeting with Mangini was for nothing more than to pick his brain as a “consultant” who has intimate knowledge of the AFC East, but I doubt any of this talk made Sparano feel all warm and tingly.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Dolphins may end up making a “financial apology” to Sparano now that they realize he is their best option and don’t want to fire him afterall.

The bottom line is Miami’s front office has handled the situation in a completely unprofessional manner.  News is now circulating that Sparano will be “back” next season, but the problem is he never left.  Teams are never allowed to talk to other players who are under contract with other teams, so why should they be allowed to interview coaching candidates when they don’t have an open position?  If I were Sparano, I’d make sure that “financial apology” had a lot of zeros on the end of it.

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  • http://twitter.com/GeorgeCastellon George Castellon

    well steve …… im so tired of hearing the media say how sparano should not have been treated like this and how stephen ross mishandled this whole situation!!!!
    first, there is a reason why ross is a billionaire. if you have an opportunity to make your product better you do it! you cant worry about what other people may say or what feelings you may hurt because ultimately its ross’ money thats on the line here not anyone elses!
    second, if sparano holds any kind of grudge or feels thats he shouldnt have been treated this way, well then i would have to say he is a hypocrite! all season long sparano was “churning the roster” to find players that “fit”!!!! he would sign a player off another teams roster only to release that player 2 weeks later! i know he didnt sign them and that was done by ireland, but sparano was part of it and had no problems with it! this was done countless times this season. even when they traded camarillo! do you think they sat all of these players down and explained anything to them?? hell no! they up rooted players from other cities only to drop them like a bad habit! camarillo didnt know he was on the trading block! so, if its ok for a coach to do this to players and “churn the roster” so he can make his team better and at the same time ensure his job security, then why is it so bad for ross to “churn his roster” and see if he can find a better “fit”? i know what everyone is going to say ….. ” oh, but ross shouldnt have handled it that way! he should have fired sparano if his intentions were to find someone better! NOPE, i dont agree!!! sparano and ireland would never have told camarillo well greg …… we’re looking to replace you so go ahead and leave and we’ll try to fill your spot! what did they do? they went shopping and then when they found someone to replace him with, they said “greg you had a good week of practice! pack your $*!t youre moving to minnesota”! and they did this with every player they signed and released this year! whats good for the gander is good for the goose! ross was 100% right in what he did from a business stand point, because after all it is a business! now could it be considered bad practice? maybe, but not any worse then what they do to players! so anybody who claims to be a “DOLFAN” should realize ross is only trying to continually make this team better and thank him!!

  • Anonymous

    The coaching profession is filled with men who dump their teams before Bowl games, abandoning their squads without a care in the world while signing for higher amounts with other universities. As George said, these same coaches will dump a player to improve their roster in a second. Wake up.