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Friday, June 22, 2018

Eli Manning Puts Himself in Elite Quarterback Class along with Tom Brady

Feel free to keep laughing. We’ll be here when you’re done rolling on the floor.

Ready? Okay.

Asked point blank by The Michael Kay Show Tuesday if he’s an elite quarterback, Eli Manning said yes. He also was asked if he’s in the Tom Brady class of quarterback, but he hesitated before answering.

“Yeah, I consider myself in that class, and Tom Brady is a great quarterback. He’s a great player and what you’ve seen with him is he’s gotten better every year. He started off winning championships and I think he’s a better quarterback now than he was when he was winning those championships,” Manning said Tuesday.

Eli also gave himself room to grow the way Brady has. “I think [Brady’s] grown up and gotten better every year and that’s what I’m trying to do. I kind of hope these next seven years of my quarterback days are my best.”

The way Eli said it in the interview sounds much better than the way the headline appears. He didn’t outright state he’s a better quarterback than Brady or anything. He pondered a question posed to him and expressed confidence in himself. I don’t mind that at all.

What should he say, that he’s not an elite quarterback?

Even though Eli beat Brady in the Super Bowl, most people recognize that Brady is a superior quarterback. Most people also acknowledge that Eli Manning is not in the category of elite quarterbacks. He’ll probably play better than he did last year, and he does have room to grow, but I can’t ever see him winning an MVP award the way Brady or Peyton have. I like the confidence, but I respectfully disagree. So would most people.

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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