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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

ESPN Explores ‘What if Michael Vick Were White’ with Illustration (Picture)

ESPN The Magazine has officially gone there.  In fact, they went way beyond there.  Discussing the issue of race is nothing new to the world of sports media.  Just ask Stephen A. Smith.  If you want to debate whether or not Michael Vick has been treated differently over the past few years than a white American would be treated, I’m sure you could dig up enough material to hold a detailed discussion.  Is creating an illustration of what Vick would look like if he were right a necessary component of the discussion? You be the judge.

If you ask me the image is completely unnecessary and even uncomfortable to look at.  As for ESPN the Magazine’sWhat if Michael Vick Were White?” piece: Feel free to explore that on your own time.  Personally I don’t see how a white quarterback who was involved with torturing and killing dogs would be treated any differently from Vick, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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