Fan’s ‘Tebow Time’ Tattoo Has Tim Tebow as Bronco-Centaur (Picture)

What you’re looking at is real, not a joke. A Broncos fan — or shall we say, a Tim Tebow fan — showed up to the Love n Hate Elite Tattoo Studio in Denver with a drawing of that design Tuesday. An hour and a half later, he had the image of Tim Tebow as a half man-half horse permanently inked on his thigh.

An artist named Gabe, who did the tattoo, said the man in question showed up with the drawing and said he wanted to get the tattoo done. Normally the shop does all the designs themselves, but this guy really wanted his personally-designed Tebow Time tattoo, so they allowed it.

Gabe says they asked the man if he had lost a bet, but he wouldn’t tell them. Apparently he left the shop pleased and loved the tattoo.

If you’re wondering why they asked if he had lost a bet, just look at this for your answer.

We’ve shown you plenty of sports tribute tattoos over the years. There was the Al Davis, the Kobe Bryant, the LeBron James, and our personal favorite, the bearded Brett Keisel. But I don’t think anything is as off-the-wall crazy as this one.

This is also the second Tebow tattoo we’ve shared with you, but the last one belonged to a guy whose last name is Tebow.

Thanks to Black Sports Online, Denver Broncos forum for sharing the picture.

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  • http://twitter.com/octoberrain57 Eugene

    first and foremost if Teabow was black he would not even have been give a chance no less been a 1st Rd pick.  there have been many black quarterback with good game and back grounds NFL wouldnt draft and threw better.  As for Religion,  the Christian Association of College Athelets has been around for decade, this boy didn’t just create religion in sports.  The little this he dose as in the NFL a decade before him.

    However, I get it,  the Great White HOPE.  Well the teams he’s played so far play defense like second graders.  The Lions exposed the truth and you keep him in the news for doing nothing, well just lets say I would not want to be him going into Pittsburg or Baltimore.

  • shvezd99

    Man I’m sorry but Tebow’s opportunity has nothing to do with race. You have to remember that he was a two time national champion, a heisman trophy winner, and put up some of the most ridiculous numbers college football has ever seen. You cannot dismiss the impact these and his popularity had upon entering the draft. The Broncos were still hung over from the Elway era and needed revitalization in media attention and ticket/jersey sales. There’s no question Tebow was a success in rejuvenating the Bronco fanbase as it rallied die hard fans and immediately brought everyone who bought into the Tebow obsession in college to play a lot more attention to the Broncos. This has absolutely nothing to do with race. If you need proof look at Cam Newton. Before his hype grew immensely, experts had him projected in the third round. The Panthers, like the pre-tebow broncos, needed revitalization and selected newton number one overall and guess what, its been pretty successful for the first year. An example where the hype was false would be reggie bush. The public was in awe of his ridiculous college plays and overlooked the fact that he lackks the full package to be an every down back. Absolutely no running back that can’t expected to be reliable and carry the load would never go number 2 in the draft, but bush’s hype and popularity, like tebow’s and newton’s, allowed it to happen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crockpoo Ron Van Horn

    what ever works is great just don’t put a DOG KILLER up with the greats.