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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Is Randy Moss the ‘Woody’ Who Called Radio Bashing Jeff Fisher?

We just finished writing about how Randy Moss has pulled a Randy Moss and given up on the Titans.  Ironically, an interesting story regarding Moss from the Nashville area is gaining a lot of steam on Friday.  A mystery caller known as “Woodyplaced a call into 104.5 The Zone on Wednesday and bashed Jeff Fisher, saying he hopes he gets fired.  So what’s the big deal?  Just that the caller sounds an awful lot like one Randy Moss.  You be the judge:

For those of you who couldn’t make out that speed hick talk, here’s a transcript of what “Woody” said:

“If Jeff Fisher was the coach of (University of) Tennessee would they love him with his record?”

“What about when he fired Norm Chow by telephone and everybody’s dogging Vince (Young) how come they didn’t dog (Fisher)?

“I don’t like Fisher.”

For some reason I don’t think it’s Randy.  It’s nothing more than a hunch, but that’s my opinion.  Maybe I just see no reason Moss would go undercover and do something like this given his history of outspokenness.  However, if it is Moss, he’s reached a new low.  As we can already see from the buzz it has created, it’s certainly fun to speculate.  For the record, the Titans have already said “there’s no way” it was Randy Moss on the phone.  We’ll keep you posted.

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