Jake Plummer Will Like Tim Tebow Better When He Stops Talking About Jesus

Many people may not remember it, but Jake Plummer actually had some good years with the Denver Broncos toward the end of his career. Like many others before and after him, Plummer butted heads with Mike Shanahan and the relationship eventually had to end.  Fortunately for us, he’s still willing to share his thoughts on what has been going on in Denver.

As Sports Radio Interviews pointed out, Plummer joined Xtra Sports 910 in Phoenix for what turned out to be an extremely entertaining interview.  After he was done tooting his own horn and talking about how the Broncos missed out when they got rid of him, Jake was naturally asked for his thoughts on Tim Tebow.  His response was priceless.

“Tebow, regardless of whether I wish he’d just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates, I think he’s a winner and I respect that about him,” Plummer said. “I think that when he accepts the fact that we know that he loves Jesus Christ then I think I’ll like him a little better. I don’t hate him because of that, I just would rather not have to hear that every single time he takes a good snap or makes a good handoff…like you know, I understand dude where you’re coming from….but he is a baller. He knows how to win and when your teammates believe in you that you can do good things and that’s what they are doing.”

Given Tebow’s history of having a great outlook on life and always saying the right things, you know he’s going to only focus on the fact that Plummer called him a “baller.”  As for the Jesus stuff: Jake the Snake isn’t the first person to say Tebow is too in-your-face with his faith and religion.  However, it’s that openness about his beliefs that has resulted in the whole world walking around Tebowing everywhere they go.  Plus, the Broncos are winning.  Why would he stop now?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Serrano/100000123138809 Peter Serrano

    why does it matter what a snake  thinks! Your article compares similarities between the two, yet one is a snake and we all know what happen between the snake and my God, and my savior Jesus Christ. People seem to have a deep personal issue with other Christians giving God the acknowledgement in public. Focus on the game.If it bothers a snake to see one of Gods chosen to acknowledge Him, I say what does that have to do with football. Don’t be a judge.

  • Anonymous

    Tim did a great job defending his beliefs during the latest ESPN / Skip Bayless interview.  His comments that indicated that he wasn’t concerned about John Elway’s or anyone elses opinions were superb.  He proved that he does not need to defend his Faith and Commitment.  He also “BRAVELY” stated that his first priority is GOD, his second is his family and third football.  WOW.. For a kid that has aspired to be a Professional Quarterback since he was 6 years old, that’s a BIG statement.  None of my comments were intended to “defend” my Faith.  They were only intended to support Tim Tebow.  I was raised Catholic and realized that they did not  me how to be a Christian when I voluntarily enlisted  in the U.S Navy during the Viet Nam War.  I found that there were many Baptist, Protestants, Methodists and other Christians that knew A LOT more than me.  This caused me to “Listen, Read and Learn”.  Having previously had Catholicism Imposed on me with Brutal consequences, I learned what True Christianity is. Catholics can be as Christian as anyone else, but I can understand the frustration of ANYONE or NO ONE that were “Forced” to follow a Dogma that they couldn’t understand or agree with.  To each his own.  Peace to ALL believers and ALL non-believers.

  • http://openid.aol.com/belardb suzybel

    Does anyone really care about what Jake Plummer says?

  • Anonymous

    No one wants to hear about Tebow’s belief, but you do not tire of the many many non-stop hours of the news of the sex scandals, illegal dog fighting, and shooting in a night club, selling illegal drugs, and much more that comes from the famous athletes on the teams of this country. At least Tebow claims to know Jesus, he did not ever say he is  perfect, but it sure a long way from not caring about anything, and at least he has some higher power to which he wants to give accountability to. 

  • Anonymous

    At least Tebow believes in something other than all the scandals of sex, drugs, cheating, and dog fighting!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Garrett-Braggs/100002516509650 Garrett Braggs

    As a Christian I find that Christ does not want us to be too vocal in his name so as to not upstage his message through turning off the masses. We are told not to be like the pharisees and stand on the street corners or shout from the rooftops to profess our faith. This is because we are not to seem prideful or full of ourselves. That is not Tim’s intention but that is  how it appears.

    If you will notice Kurt Warner or Tony Dungee do not always find the need to mention Christ at every turn. We Christians are supposed to be like the uncovered lamp lit on a hill for all to see. Who we  are and what we do will speak more than enough about our faith without always having to use the public platform to express our faith. By now Tim Tebow has planted the seed and even non sports fans know he is a Christian. Always speaking of your faith can choke out the seeds and not allow them to grow to fruition.

    Tim needs to pick his spots when it comes to speaking of Lord Jesus. Opportunities will come and Christ will let Tim know when he needs to speak up. If Tim finds himself persecuted because of his faith he can boldly defend himself and Christ Jesus. Also if Jesus is attacked directly he can speak up and defend our savior.

    Who we are as people and what we do or don’t do says more about us and our beliefs than all the words in the world. It is easier to slip up and make a fool of ourselves when we speak too much but it is easier to follow the Lord in our daily lives.

    As a public figure Christ will present Tim with plenty of opportunities to speak about him but Tim needs to pick his spots wisely and not too often.

  • Anonymous

    “Even the people who wrote about Jesus weren’t first hand witnesses.” Really! Paul,Peter,John, etc. you seem to speak most fluent when least hampered by fact. Maybe before you make comments concerning the Bible you should read it. Your ignorance becomes you but your opinion is indeed warranted and free and well taken.

  • https://about.me/brandon.holthaus SomeNo1

    I don’t know where you get the idea any of those people were firsthand witnesses. Just Google “historicity of Jesus”. Or watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcLshAw4EiY. And if you feel like neither, just tell me why you believe the stories of these writers are reliable.

    It’d be an understatement to say people of the time embellished facts, especially when recording biographies of heroes. Even if Jesus had existed, his godliness could have been entirely fabricated. For instance, Moses didn’t really part the Red Sea; there is a geological explanation. Don’t tell me I’m ignorant without telling me why. You and other theists are more self-assured when the Bible is your sole point of historical reference.

    And if you are going to see the Bible as truth, then why don’t you follow the teachings of other religious texts? Even Christians can’t all agree on the Bible. I’ve had one fanatic tell me God loves me, whether I know it or not. Another told me my rejection would result in “roasting in hell”. Sure everything is open to interpretation, but you’d think the word of God would be an exception; especially if God knows humans are fallacious. Otherwise, he could just be pulling a gag on us all, testing us, whatever you’d choose to believe.

    Rather than just believing the Bible, understand the context and circumstances under which it was written.

  • Anonymous

    Ok. I wached the video of Frik & Frak. About as belivable as my 6 yr old son. What are their credential? They had no solid proof ,although one did mention a book about the Roman Empire ,and the other simply claim Jesus as a fable and lunatic. It is worth noting and bringing to your attention that the Bible is a History book as well. At least our founding fathers thought so. See Geo Washington’s Inaugural speech, 4/30/1789. 12 Jurors. Chpt.7 Bankruptcies, In God We Trust, etc. Writers 2000 years ago are no different than today. Scrolls of truth brother. They record events as they see them.. Read once proclaimed atheist Lee Strobel-Yale grad in Master of Studies in Law. Science & Religion,, Historicity of the Gospels.The Case  for Christ. Watch “The Star of Bethlehem” by Rick Larson.Study near death experiences,aka, The Lazrus Phenomenon”  Over 13 MILLION personal accounts! Oh there is plenty of proof Jesus existed.The Bible is not my sole point of historical reference nor do I need to be convenced by man. Brother, God  is Spirit! It  is evident you have never experienced His presence through  the Spirit.  It is indiscribible!. Incredible! Awesome! The flood of emotions,love,joy,peace. Your  voice  belowiing the Heavenly language,aka. speaking in tounges. I promise you, it is real. Seeek Him for yourself. Not religion, Jesus. Ask Him  to reveal  Himself to  you and He will. I have prayed and believe He will. Now it;s up to  you. You in or  out? God bless!

  • https://about.me/brandon.holthaus SomeNo1

    If you read their FAQ or their bios, you’d know their credentials. Matt Dillahunty has read many books, including the bible. And yes, it’s a history book, and when it’s put in the context of the times, you can tell what’s literal and not. I just can’t believe you call their testament as believable as a 6 year old when you look at what religion proclaims. Or what Lee Strobel proclaims: http://evaluatingchristianity.wordpress.com/2009/05/28/the-case-against-lee-strobel/.

    As for near death experiences, why are they not all consistent? Even reports about Bigfoot, which I do think exists, are more consistent. But like Bigfoot, it seems all we ever have with God, is first hand testimony or second hand writings. Why must I have to rely on people to believe in God. Didn’t Jesus even question hus father, allegedly? “Why have you forsaken me?” Also, believing in God and an afterlife are two separate beliefs, although the former implicates the latter.

    You say you don’t need to be convinced by man. Well I do, as that’s all I have. Your own experience isn’t even compelling. I’ve had cathartic experiences too. So maybe I need my own “spiritual” one. How should I *know*? If I asked for anything, it would not be for God to reveal himself. For one, “Jesus’ spirit” said ‘Blessed are those who have not seen, but still believe’. I also remember something about God saying not to questions or test his existence. Secondly, if prayer worked, I’d care more about the millions, perhaps billions, suffering; because that would inevitably reveal god anyway, right? And I wouldn’t be wasting his time asking something he wouldn’t answer, even if he could.

  • Anonymous

    Lee Strobel- How could anyone refute a man’s on study and what HE finalized in HIS own mind and took away from the study? Come on Someno1 who reallly wants to be someone. I know you do. I can tell. I may even write a report that you want to be somebody…see what I mean. Strobel BELIEVES! Period so it dosen’t matter what anybody else thinks.
    Near Death Experiences- I beg to differ that they ALL yes all have similar ,consistent visions, thought patterns and experiences and they are NOT, as dreams, broken bits and pieces that cannot be put together. Watch their faces and listen to their voices during these interviews!

    Cathartic Experiences- Not even close to being “slain in the Spirit of God”. Praying in the Spirit is real. I am a man and I believe. I am just so sympathetic and concerned you try to come up with a explicit,documented reason for everything. “The natural man cannot know the things of God nor can he, for they are spiritually discerned.”

    I cannot convince you either. That is entirely up to you! It’s faith brother, faith! Believing in that which is not seen. God is the God of the living and the dead and one day everyone will know it.

    I go on this. Why do you know right from wrong? When I look back over my life every bone head, bad decision I made their was a voice telling me that was the wrong thing to do. Today I have less but have never been more at ease with my life and the excitement I have for the future. For
    eternity! And it was not until I started a relationship with the Man,
    Jesus! Whew…..pumps me up just talking about it. As for not asking God
    to reveal Himself to you through Christ: How are you going to share
    something you don’t have with anyone?

    I beleive, I know, there is no doubt in my mind,soul and spirit that Jesus
    Christ is the Son of God and Son of man and is living in me! What He said
    is also true as well….”If the world hates you remember that it hated Me
    first” John 15:18.

    Don’t know what else to tell ya bro. Just keep reading and searching I
    guess. Maybe one day the light will come on. I pray it does.

    Mark A Travis________________________________

  • https://about.me/brandon.holthaus SomeNo1

    I’m SomeNo1, because I am a realist. I know in the “grand scheme”, I am just one person. I don’t even bother asking for understanding or mercy, because I’ve seen people with much greater misfortune be forsaken. Even Jesus asked god why he was when he was on the cross, despite knowing of his fate. That’s why it gets me so mad that people want to attribute such selfish, materialistic rewards to god. Tebow never upset me much before, because at least he wasn’t hypocritical that way.

    Why can people scrutinize and refute what people like Lee Strobel have proclaimed? Because people are fallible. God may not be fallible, but people are. And if one is going to makes such outlandish statements with no substantive evidence, his credibility is going to be questioned. Yes, it does come down to belief. I can call it delusion, wishful thinking, rationalization; but like you said, it won’t matter. Sometimes I can’t believe that people won’t budge even when it’s spelled out, but I’ve seen it.

    With near death experiences, there has been plenty variation. And the human mind is far more powerful and complex than we realize. And you would think an all-knowing god would keep people in a purgatory if he knew they weren’t irreversibly dead. Doesn’t make sense. Most things don’t. But we’re already far off topic, so there’s no point. I know I won’t change your mind, and you’ve said you can’t change mind. I’m a good person, an enthusiastic person, and as much as I’d like to pray; it’s just no excuse just because I’m too weak to cope or change. Attitude can’t be changed for its own sake, let alone the belief in god’s benevolent will and intentions. But thank you for your intentions. Sincerely.

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome! Hang in there man. Life is tough and I get weak as well from time to time but that is the human nature in all of us. Without Him I could NOT make it! I hit rock bottom, looked up and their He was! I since a possible bad situation from religion or a denomination? I don’t believe in denominations though I grew up a Methodist, because they were created by man. Look at all the divisions within ALL of them! I am studying the Hebrew Rabbi’s writing’s , the true Jews, Jew and Gentile,and especially the Messianic Rabbi’s. They KNOW the scripture before it was translated and with the writings of the( B’rit Hadasha ) New testament writings. It is far more interesting and spiritual because they have always believed it is spiritual with God. Makes since since He is Spirit. I hope this helps and I wish you the best my brother!
    Take care and God bless!
    Mark A Travis________________________________