JaMarcus Russell Spends More Time in the Jewelry Store than the Film Room

Last week on TNT, the Suns broke their 18-game TNT losing streak by coming back to beat the Mavericks. The Inside the NBA show after the game was every bit as good as the actual game, as always. Not only did they have clips of Cheryl Miller and Reggie Miller dancing, but they also showed Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell in attendance. Rather, they showed pictures of Russell’s jewelry which could probably pay off the entire state of California’s deficit. What I didn’t realize was that announcer Kevin Harlan got in some nice shots during the actual telecast. Check it out via Jimmy Traina’s Extra Mustard at SI and Thunder Treats:

Let me just point something out: you wouldn’t be a target to be robbed if you weren’t advertising that you had millions of dollars and half your signing bonus hanging on your neck. That’s something Javon Walker and Floyd Mayweather Jr. had to learn the hard way. Hopefully JaMarcus doesn’t have to learn that lesson but it’s pretty clear his interests lie in the wrong places. It will be a shame to see all his talent go to waste.

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  • SpinMax

    Can we officially say that he is one of those guys who took the money and knew all along that he was
    just going to show up and go through the motions and get his paycheck?

  • Gene

    He must really be pathetic as a QB if Tom Cable was willing to risk his job and play someone else.

    Al Davis strongly supports Russell, which tells us how bad he must be.

  • tucker

    What talent is that you speak of? I do not think that word means what you think it does.

  • Ron Ron

    He is the NFL’s biggest bust. I am a die hard LSU fan and JaMarcus Russell mad me sick to my stomach. You could see in college that he was not a hard worker. He did just enough to get by. He took the money from the Raiders knowing full well that he had no intentions of playing like a #1 pick. He has made people from the SEC look bad.

  • http://www.silver4you.ro bijuterii argint

    no matter if this guy is a talent or not, the showing up episodes depends on his culture. when easy money come then some guy can’t resit to them and make foolish himself

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X7KRGJ5XC3FG3FJKMH2PS3M2HM Sylvia Wilkins

    I’m sure his lady has some beautiful Antique Jewelry ! It doesn’t have to match his of course, but I’m sure it’s expensive and fantastic.. and best of all, vintage!