James Harrison Feels He Should Have Gotten a Break Since it Was 17 Games Between Illegal Hits

It came as absolutely no surprise when the NFL suspended James Harrison for his illegal hit on Colt McCoy last week.  It was even less of a surprise when Harrison lost his appeal, considering he is a repeat — or sevenpeat — offender.  Still, that hasn’t stopped Harrison from thinking he deserves a break.  Check out this tweet he sent out on Friday:

It makes sense that the same guy who threatened to retire after he was fined for an illegal hit would believe he is being treated unfairly by the league.  The fact that Harrison thinks a suspension is unwarranted because he has been “clean” for 17 games speaks to the kind of player he is.  Plenty of players go an entire career without having one incident, let alone bragging about playing over 1,000 snaps without one.

As we expressed earlier this week, it was not a football play that got Harrison suspended.  Harrison has developed a habit of constantly leading with his helmet and using it as a weapon.  The unfortunate thing is the suspension won’t even help.  Someone else is going to get hurt because of his playing style.  It’s just a matter of when it will happen.

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  • Gene

    Rules change and players need to change with them.  Most do.  For example, defensive backs could play bump and run pass defense all
    the way down the field until the ball was in the air.  The rules were
    changed to get more entertaining offense into the game.  The corner
    backs in particular had to adjust; they could no longer play the way
    they were taught. 

    Harrison refuses to make this adjustment.  He thinks he is above rules changes and league authority.  If he cannot conform he should retire.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Leitzel/593629591 Tom Leitzel

    Well Gene, It’s pretty evident that neither you or the schmuck that wrote this article ever played the game or listened to what you were taught if you did.  Head up Explode through your hips!!!!  I remember it like it was yesterday.  That’s what every defensive player (ecspeially Linebackers) have been taught from day one in Pop Warner.  That combined with an offensive players natural instinct to lower the head is what’s leading to all this helmet to helmet BS.  You said it yourself.  Goodell is ruining, errrrrrr, I mean “changing” the game just to sell a few more wide reciever jerseys and put more asses in the seats.  After all, it’s the dopes that never played that enjoy a 500yd passing game over a”Steel Curtain” defense. Maybe if all you guys that love these new rules would tune out the NFL and tune into the CFL, the purists among us could have some real football to watch agian.