Jared Allen: If I Had to Live in Detroit, I Think I’d Drown Myself in the River

We all know Jared Allen has never been shy about speaking his mind.  After all, this is the guy who once offered his butt to Brett Favre and thought “schism” was an STD.  Allen may have outdone himself this time.  The Vikings are traveling to Detroit this weekend to take on the Lions, and apparently Allen is dreading the trip.

“I don’t like going to Detroit,” he said according to MLive.com. “I’ll be honest, it’s gloomy, it sucks. Everything is brown and then there is snow on the ground. There’s like Brownstones everywhere and I’m like, ‘Awesome.’ I don’t know, I couldn’t do it. If I had to live in Detroit, I think I’d just drown myself in the river that was across the way.

“I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s just depressing when I go there. There’s two cities like I don’t go out to eat or don’t do anything. It’s Detroit and New Orleans. New Orleans looks like I’m driving through a third-world country every time I get off the plane, I’m like, ‘Oh, flak jacket.’ I’m trying to get down. I’m like, ‘Ah, crap, I can’t carry my gun here. This sucks.'”

Yikes.  That’s some pretty intense smack talk about a lot of people right there.  Plenty of people have said that Detroit isn’t exactly a nice city, but never can I remember an athlete being that cruel about it.  As for New Orleans: well, they just suffered one of the worst natural disasters in American history a few years back.  Perhaps they are still picking up the pieces.  Whatever the case, it would appear Allen doesn’t give a damn.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with Allen, I used togo to Detroit all the time as a truck driver, and couldn’t wait to get the hell out. They have pot holes that will swallow you car/truck if your not carefull, and the whores and peddlers asking for everything under the sun was downright disgusting.

  • G Perkins

    He can stay home.  We don’t want him in New Orleans either.  Apparently, he has yet to grow up.

  • Anonymous

    Detroit is a mess…no doubt, but New Orleans has great food–so he’s wrong about that! My guess is that most of this story was taken out of context from an interview…just to stir things up a bit. Anyone who knows Jared knows he likes to kid around…Honestly, if the Lions or Saints need bulletin board fodder to beat a very depleted Vikings team then they’re not as good as advertised.

  • John Robinson

    Right after the Lions kick his arrogant ass, we’ll send him back to Minesooooota!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Jared.    Detroit is the by far worst big city in the world.    New Orleans is in the top 50.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YELBTYNQHUUJVG2OO2UK37YJBU Colette

    Nothing is not out of content. He is just a jacka__.  Everyon in the U.S. know that New Orleans, had the most worst diaster that ever hit the U.S. and people lost thier lives.  He should get his game together rather than critcizing his opponents home base the SAINTS handled him. .  WHO DAT, GEAUX SAINTS.

  • Jeremy Jewett

    So New Orleans is going to be recovering for what, the next 120 years? clean up your damn stinky city or shut up. Katrina was years ago. And by the way, the rest of America says go, we are not the French, thank god

  • Anonymous

    If I had to live in Detroit, I would drown myself in the river too, in new orleans… the ocean, minneapolis… a lake, and if I had to live in vegas I would figure out how to drown myself in sand.  All cities are shitholes, period. (because of people like jared allen)

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm. Seems Jared had 3 SACKS yesterday. No ass-kicking there. Ponder gave the Lions the game…and the only reason you held on was because of  a missed face mask call on the last play of the game. I predict the Lions will be watching the post season–from the couch–same as the Vikes.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MHD4P5TALAPWTJG2MVODBUL5OY Curtis Ross