Jerry Brown indicated in recent Facebook post he was about to be a father

Jerry Brown died in a car crash early Saturday morning when the vehicle his friend and teammate Josh Brent was driving hit a curb and flipped. Brent was arrested and is being charged with intoxicated manslaughter.

What makes the story even more sad is that Brown indicated in a recent Facebook post that was on his way to becoming a father. He also talked about no longer enjoying the fast life.

“Sometimes when I actually get a chance to get away from football I think of how bad I want a family (wife, children) and how the fast life isn’t as fun as it use to be after living it for so long,” Brown wrote in a post dated Nov. 29. “I mean I do have my lil one coming soon and don’t get me wrong I’m overly excited to c her and b everything for her. Its just the circumstances I bring her into aren’t nearly as ideal as I’d like. I had what I wanted in a woman just without the seed. That relationship has been soiled due to the seed I planted. My only hopes are to become a better man and build a stronger connection both ways!!”

Reading a post like this makes the events even more tragic. Brown seemed like he was ready to give up the fast life, but one more night out coupled with some awful decisions cost him his life. It also means a child will be growing up without a father. Just an awful situation all around. We wish the best for his family.

The original Facebook post is below:

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  • Straight Jacket

    why isn’t bob costas out there railing against the alcohol culture ?or drunk driving?well bob?

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.spurlock.16 John Spurlock

    It is very sad and tragic that this young man lost his life. But WHY has it become SO acceptable to have children out of wedlock? There was a time when the pregnant girl left to live with Aunt Lucy until the baby was born. In other words, it was SHAMEFUL to having children w/o being married. The media supports this or they either would NOT report it OR would condemn it. 77% of black babies grow up w/o their fathers being present in their lives. However, gangs and prisons are FULL of the abandoned. His comments ring hollow because of the history of so many black “fathers” (I use the word loosely), abandoniong their responsibilities  after their children are born. Also, I agree with Straight Jacket, Will Costas call for the  abolishment of vehicles and alcohol?

  • rstandre

    Wow! What kind of racist, self-righteous crap is this?! A young man is dead and you have the audacity to besmirch his memory before he’s even in the ground?! Your a real piece of something….

  • Kevin_Indianapolis

    Just plain stupid.

  • sam66

    White men abandon theirs also.   I”m so sick and tired of people like you who pretend they really care.   How many babies have been or are going to be raised without a father because he never came back from war?   I don’t condone having babies out of wedlock but lets talk about the ones that are and their father decide he want something new and younger.  Get over yourself and worry about your own family

  • ls4vols

    This is a sad situation.  Yes, he lived a fast life and unfortunately in the end, hopefully realized there was more to life than one night stands, drunken brawls in the local bars, etc,.  But, unfortunately, his time ran out.  What will be will never be.  Lesson learned hopefully for so many more promising atheletes who make the wrong choices.  I feel for him – his family and all who were a part of his life .  Forget Costas-  this is not part of this dialogue.  A young man died – a friend is in jail and in mourning – and things will never be the same for either of them.

  • ls4vols

    What the hell was this all about?  White men abandoning their babies?  There are plenty of men who shirk their duties as fathers when found to be the fathers of children when out of wedlock!  THis is not a black or white issue –  this is a human race issue.  MEN as well as WOMEN need to be accountable for their actions and when babies are the result of this action, then BOTH need to step up to the plate and care for these children.  Forget counting on the Government – that is the problem today – too many are counting on the government to bail them out on mistakes they made.  It is time we ALL step up and be accountable for our OWN mistakes!

  • http://twitter.com/Gauth_25 Tyler Gauthier

    Anyone who says you should be married to have children, that is complete BS. Who are you to say what people should do with their lives? For people to cast shame on those who have children before being married is pathetic. Get over yourselves. This man just died because of a tragic incident. He was clearly starting to figure things out before his time was cut short.