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Monday, May 21, 2018

Jerry Jones says if he hadn’t had 50 concussions he’d be president of the U.S.

The issue of concussions in football is one that has become increasingly sensitive as the years pass. Concussion tests have become more advanced and teams have been ordered to be more careful with players who appear to have suffered any type of head injury. Part of the reason is a number of players have come forward during their retirement about the long-term suffering they’ve had to deal with as a result of concussions during their playing days. According to Pro Football Talk, Jerry Jones says he knows a thing or two about concussions.

During one of the segments in the debut of Costas Tonight on NBC Sports Network, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones chimed in on a topic that had been addressed before he took the stage.

Jones, who played college football at Arkansas, said that he has had “50 concussions.”  He then joked that, if he hadn’t suffered so many blows to the head, he would have been the President of the U.S. instead of the owner of the Cowboys.

Jerruh Jones, United States President? That doesn’t exactly have a comforting ring. Jones also pointed out that he wasn’t trying to make light of what some retired players are going through.  As PFT mentioned, however, the issue of concussions isn’t exactly one the NFL wants to hear a team owner making light of.  If Jerry hadn’t suffered so many concussions, maybe he wouldn’t say so many dumb things.  I say we just leave it at that.

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