A Little Truth Serum for Jerry Jones?

At first I saw this video and said, “No way, that’s too blurry.  It’d be way too easy if that was actually Jerry Jones.”  Come to find out Jerry actually called Parcells to discuss the video and try to clear the air between the two.  In case you can’t make out what’s being said in the video, Jones probably had a little explaining to do after he was caught on camera (below) telling a fan, “Bill’s not worth a s***.”  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, as Jones has shown us so many times in the past that he’s not exactly a stand-up act.  Imagine being the fans who videotaped this?  Would you believe one of your friends if they called you up and told you they just videotaped Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hammered ragging on Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow?  Good for these guys for capturing it.  Check out the video of Jerry Jones talking rag time, via Deadspin from YouTube:

Slurring Jerry Jones Bad-Mouths Bill Parcells, Tim Tebow [Deadspin]
Jones, Parcells talk over video [ESPN]

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I thought it was pretty slimy for someone to record that video and sell Jerry out but he has to be responsible for his words. Doesn’t the truth come out when you’re drunk? I have no doubt those were Jerry’s honest feelings.

  • http://LarryBrownSports Steve DelVecchio

    Oh yeah definitely. Apparently Jerry and Bill had a laugh about it, though, according to the ESPN report. I kind of agree with it being slimy, but kind of don’t. He’s an NFL owner, so he should watch his step if he’s going to be drunk in a somewhat public place where anyone can just tape what he’s doing. I agree its a low blow, but at the same time what obligation does any random person have to keep what Jerry slurs to them when he’s drunk between them and Jerry. Could’ve been Giants, Eagles, or Redskins fans for all we know.

  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    As a billionaire, you’d think that he’d show more intelligence.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Nobody ever said you had to be smart to get rich, just lucky.