Jim Leyland smoked a cigarette in dugout during Game 3 delay

Jim LeylandDetroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland made good use of a 17-minute delay at Comerica Park during Game 3 of the ALCS on Monday by lighting up a cigarette and smoking in the dugout.

FOX, which was televising the game, put Erin Andrews on air for a report about the delay. Andrews chuckled as she began her report, explaining that she was looking at Leyland smoking.

“And I’m laughing because I’m looking at (Jim) Leyland smoking in the dugout …” Andrews began.

Andrews explained that a sub station went down, taking out the power to the lights in right field. There was a delay that lasted 17 minutes until they powered the lights back on.

Leyland is a well known smoker, so the report should not surprise you. But it is pretty funny to hear about how he spends his breaks between action. And he’s not the first manager we’ve seen light up in the dugout. Remember this?

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  • avantra

    Leyland is a typical arrogant a-hole smoker who thinks rules apply to other people and not them.

    Comerica Park is a smoke free workplace and venue, (except for the CLE Cigar Bar which allows the smoking of cigars only). Guests wishing to smoke may do so at designated locations outside the ballpark, behind section 101 on Adams Street, and behind section 140 on Brush Street. Guests entering the smoking area must have their ticket scanned upon exit and re-scanned upon entry. Alcohol is not permitted in the outside smoking areas. Guests with access to the Tiger Club may smoke cigars in the CLE Cigar Bar. Smoking of cigarettes is prohibited in the CLE Cigar Bar.

  • ScottEwing

    Good for Jim. Defying the nanny state is the only way to force change. Since no intelligent person believes this secondhand smoke nonsense anymore, that only leaves paid shills and the incredibly gullible.

  • Tumblindice58

    Maybe we should get that perported conspiracy theorist Terrell Suggs to look into it because it must of been the Tigers trying to get an advantage on the RedSox or thats what Suggs woud surmise!

  • Sam Miller

    Are they any no smoking signs in the dugout?
    At least he doesnt hide it..he could have walked down to the locker room and lit one up there.,maybe even find some booze or pills in those ‘extra empty lockers’ ? LOL!

  • Sam Miller

    What about all the private closed in box seats,you know where the big shots sit……they arent smoking in there?