Jimmy Graham Mocks Aaron Rodgers’ Belt Celebration in Loss

That was New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham mocking the belt celebration Aaron Rodgers made famous throughout Green Bay’s playoff run last season. You know what’s cool? Scoring on the Packers and throwing the celebration back in their face. You know what’s not cool? Celebrating when your team is down by nine points with three minutes left in the game.

Get a clue, meat. If you’re going to celebrate, make sure your team is WINNING.

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  • http://twitter.com/cajunjaymee Jaymee Johnson

    I am a SAINTS FAN and have been for 35 years but I was so ashamed when I saw him do this last night.  Uncalled for even if we had won the game.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a Saints fan since before their first play in ’67.  Celebrate your accomplishment, however don’t mock others (especially when behind and trying to get back in the game).   You’ll play them again this or next season and foolish actions just adds fuel to their fire to win.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7QBAHZTEJL5ZC37JTRREKY3EDU randy n brandy

    I LOVED IT!!!! Might have been a little tactless, but it was just showing Green Bay who’ll be wearing the Title next year!  Graham probably just wanted to shut up the GB fans…don’t blame him at all. We’ll see a lot more td’s from this guy this yr and in the future…WHO DAT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Larry- perfectly put.  1) don’t mock when you are losing 2) don’t mock the guy that is laying an epic beat down on you. 3) don’t mock when your career stat line is 31 receptions for 356 yards and 5 TDs.  Remember punk,…”potential” just means  you haven’t down squat!

  • http://twitter.com/BirdieLA Dawn

    Guess what else isn’t cool?  Packer’s Woodson sucker-punching Saints TE David Thomas in the gut.  He should have been ejected from the game and should definitely get fined by the NFL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=679265227 Katie Lynn

    Can’t win a title if you lose…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brad-James/504131823 Brad James

    Probably shouldn’t be mocking one of the best qbs in the league when no one even knows who you are. (Jimmy Graham should read this, and think about it.)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BU4IXHNT3YBI5I4ZFQTXBJQGFI Stacey

    Seriously!?!?! Win or lose, I say let the man celebrate his touchdown and stop hating!!! LAME!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh it’s perfectly ok for greenbeenies to celebrate their touchdowns but it is not ok when the Saints do it? A celebration is a celebration all teams do it so what is the big deal? Every team that the greenies play should celebrate with the belt now just to continue to mock them and then see how fast it becomes old news. And by the way the greenbeenie player who punched a Saint player I hope he picks up a hefty fine or suspension! Woodson is a dirty lowdown player and I saw a lot of shirt tugging and holding on greenbeenies side that the referees didn’t catch. Looks to me like they are the team to cheat instead of to beat!

  • Terry B

    Larry Brown is a trool!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XQSEGPRNIBUYJSTNSGDXTUCGM vino31

    You are clearly just a biased person who knows nothing about Charles Woodson or Green Bay for that matter. I may not be unbiased but I can at least see the whole story. Yes, it was a cheap shot by Woodson and he absolutely should be fined. But he is a stand-up citizen and an excellent human being who does A TON of charity work all year, both in Green Bay as well as in Michigan where he attended college.

    Next, there are certain celebrations that are alright and some that are just plain stupid. Jimmy Graham is an unproven player with a lot of potential who made a stupid move in mocking an elite QB after Rodgers tore the Saints D apart all night, while scoring a touchdown that still only brought them within 9 (8 after the PAT) points of tying the game. He just needs to be smart about it and realize the situation. He is putting himself above the team by doing that, which would piss me off as a fellow teammate. By comparing that move to jumping into the stands, you are further proving your misinformed status because jumping into the stands is all about showing how the Packers players love interacting with the fans and celebrating with them in a very fun way. I have nothing against the Saints, especially since most individuals in that organization are great people and they are a very very good football team. Also, as I was at the game last night and interacted with many Saints fans, I can speak to those that are true fans and they are excellent, dedicated fans. You, however, put them to shame and you need to realize what you’re saying before you put it on a public forum.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559751094 Ethan Perry

    Who Dat? Dat’s another TE that will be watching the Packers win another title from his couch at home. NEWSFLASH: you don’t get to wear the Title by losing games genius!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pete-Wood/100000407377928 Pete Wood

    I must have missed the Epic Beatdown….looked pretty close to me.

  • Berndt Kennedy

    Woah, were we watching the same game? The Saints got away with MURDER compared to the Packers, not to mention the absolutely BOGUS defensive pass interference call on AJ Hawk the second last play of the game. The replay showed that Hawk DIDN’T EVEN PHYSICALLY TOUCH Sproles. And Woodson laid a hit on the guy. But dirty lowdown player?! He’s the greatest CB in the league, Defensive player of the year, AND will be in the HOF after he retires. How many HOF secondary guys have the Saints got? A nice big eagle egg’s worth. 

  • Berndt Kennedy

    and furthermore, the Championship Belt is Rodgers’ signature move. Graham wasn’t celebrating, he was just mocking the Packers and offending the fans. And by the way, how hypocritical can you get when you rag on Woodson? I’ve seen Saints players (along with every other team in the league) pull stunt like that in the past as well. Did you voice this opinion on them when it happened? NO!