Karlos Dansby: Tim Tebow Beating Dolphins Was the Work of God

The Broncos have won six of seven games with Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback. Most of their wins under Tebow have come in the final few minutes, sparking a “Miracle of Tim Tebow” study.

The string of Tebow magic began with a comeback to beat the Dolphins in Week 7. Down 15-0, the Broncos scored 15 points to tie the game in the final three minutes before winning in overtime. You figure Miami would still be upset with blowing the game, but that’s not how linebacker Karlos Dansby sees it.

“I think us losing to Tim Tebow the way we did, we’ve seen it first hand,” Dansby told Jim Rome. “The young man is blessed. The young man has a special anointing on him. For God to show himself in the game the way He did, through the guy He did it through, it opened a lot of guys’ eyes on our team. It brought a lot of guys closer to God. Everything happens for a reason.

“That was something that we couldn’t control, and it was out of our control. My hat goes off to Tim, and God working through him like that. It opened up a lot of eyes. He’s a blessed young man, and I wish him much success the rest of his career.”

Many people don’t believe that God has a hand in the outcome of athletic events. Some people even feel that Tebow needs to cool it on the religious talk. But then you have guys like Dansby, who became a believer after witnessing the miracle of Tebow.

I don’t know if God determines athletic events, but I’ve always been a believer when it came to sports. I’ve always felt that if you put in the proper amount of work and preparation, you get rewarded on game day. Call it God, or call it something else, but there is a lot to be said for doing things the right way and seeing a good outcome.

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  • Anonymous

    Finally someone says what we all quietly know is the truth

  • Charles Hubbard

    HONOR GOD! I REPEAT… HONOR GOD! God has chosen me to share something with you… so listen up. God’s Word is true. In Genesis 3:1 the serpent said to Eve… “Did God really say?”… and Satan will likely do the same when I show you what I am about to show you. In Exodus 23:13, GOD says… “Be sure to do all that I have said to you. You must not even say the names of other gods; those names must not come out of your mouth.” NIKE is named after the evil pagan goddess Nike. Some Christian athletes even promote NIKE and God does not like it. Why does God not like it? Because He is a jealous God. HE IS TO BE HONORED! GOD ALONE! Read about God’s anger against those who followed other gods. You already know what God said about even mentioning their names. And when God tells you that NIKE does not honor HIm, don’t listen to the enemy say “Did God really say?” Read God’s Word for yourself. He said it! Don’t ever wear the name of a pagan goddess on you. HONOR GOD! That is what you should do for all that He has done for you.

  • Anonymous

    How ridiculous.  This whole “God got me the win” crap is going way too far.  Pretty soon nobody will care if they win or lose, since the big invisible, otherwise non-existent man in the sky decided he liked the other team better.  Let go of your delusions people.  It’s hard work that wins game plus a little bit a luck plus making the right calls.  You don’t need a deity to explain why a quarterback can manage to drive a ball into the end zone in the final few minutes of a silly game.  Quote all the scripture you want, it’s ridiculous to think a god cares to bless Tim Tebow more than any other member on that field, and in the big picture, how silly is it to think he’s giving Tebow wins in football games while he drowns people in tsunamis, starves people in Somalia, and crushes God-loving people in Haiti.

  • Jimmy Benham

    Wow, thank you for enlightening me.  I had no idea.  I would take this a bit further to say, and I know you would certainly agree, anything can be an idol….money, power, sex, and even the little things noone talks about….shoes.  I love the way Michael Jordan played, but I do not want his autograph.  Why would I…he’s not my god.  I have only 1 GOD.  I love being a firefighter, but I retired early, because it was an idol.  Thank You again!