Lance Easley hits club in Fresno night after blowing call in MNF game (First Photo)

Lance Easley joined the ranks of the most infamous officials in sports when he signaled touchdown on a Hail Mary pass by the Seahawks to end “Monday Night Football,” leading to one of the biggest officiating debacles in NFL history. And how did Easley respond to becoming one of the most notorious — and in many cases despised — referees of all time? By hitting up a club the very next night?

George Takata, the sports director at KPGE CBS 47 in Fresno, reported on Twitter early Wednesday morning that Easley was out at Club Habanos — a bar/club in Fresno, Calif., on Tuesday night. Takata even tweeted the tri-pane photo you see above. He says the middle photo was sent to him by one of his friends, and it is of Easley at the club Tuesday night.

In an incredible irony, Takata’s friend, whose face we blurred out, happened to be wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt — the very team Easley’s awful call victimized.

USA Today reported on Tuesday that Easley is a longtime Southern California high school and junior college official. They say Easley attended the Stars and Stripes Academy for Football Officials in Salt Lake City, Utah, over the summer, and that the staff determined he wasn’t ready to officiate Division I college football games. Easley reportedly has never refereed college football games higher than the Division III level.

If you were concerned that Easley might go into hiding after his notorious moment, it looks like you were wrong. Apparently the man is embracing his newfound fame.

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Photo via George Takata
H/T Marcas Grant

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  • wingfan999

    This photo was obviously staged.  How convenient that a friend of the sports director just happens to run into the Ref the day after the game wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt?  They probably followed the Ref to the bar, then ambushed him to get the photo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000572022571 John W. Clarke

    Yes the man does look quite human, going by the picture that I have seen and humans make mistakes. GB fans need to get a life and move on as it is only a game and I don’t recall ever losing sleep over any team or game being lost.

  • mjanousak

    Ooooh!  Let’s all pile on the replacement officials.  Blown calls?  Questionable calls?  Refereeing games with faster, bigger athletes than they’ve ever seen?  Yup!  But still these are guys with years of experience who are, first and foremost, being dissed because they aren’t the “real” referees.  So Easley went out the night after a game and had his picture taken – so what?  The media ( Larry Brown included) haven’t set foot on a field or thrown a flag in their lives.  And judging from their comments over the years, not just this year, they’ve never read the rule book. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SYBBVOKHZJCHUH52SCBQOONEQU NFL refs sux

    hey johnnie boy i am not a gb fan just football you must be lance easley gay fuk because that was not right he missed 2 calls on the same play and also call pif 7 play before that this is not right and for someone to stand up for his mistake you must be like the gay fuk      i cant wait to see what happens to him next……………………bye bye gay fuk jonnie boy

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SYBBVOKHZJCHUH52SCBQOONEQU NFL refs sux

    lol you two are dumb     lances easley was paid to cover the spread  done and over i hope lance gets his soon……………………………fuk the NFL   im done wont support the NFL    national fuk-up league    …………………..until rodger   leaves………………………………………

  • charlie33171

     Wow……….I’m not a fan in any way of these lame officials, but what are you? 12 years old at the most with your “gay fuk” post?
    Get outta here……..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z5ONU62N6YEVKM5PL47RDNWZTQ marilynn miears

    You are an idiot,this is their lively hood,they get paod for doing the game,guess if something happened at your job,we could just say,oh well it is just a job and get on with your life,boo hoo to YOU

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z5ONU62N6YEVKM5PL47RDNWZTQ marilynn miears

    such ugly lanuage,you can get your point across without talking that way,you are correct,los vegas lost a tonof money due to his awful mess up,you need to get a spanking for talking so ugly,you sir are a POTTY MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A

  • BullChip

    Last time I made a major screw up at work I do believe I went to a bar.  I think “Johnnie Boy” got it right.  It’s not the end of the world.  Let’s move on.  Marilyn, use your spell check.

  • bamagrama

    First of all no true Packer fan would have been in the same zip code with him and second he and his coverups are the only ones who believe Tate had that ball.   Everyone I have talked to says it was the Packer’s ball.  People make mistakes but he made all of them against the Packers.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7MGPCSV7G7QLHQSO4PRQOVEAXM Jerry

    you need to get a lift!  Its a bad deal and not right by any means, but who really cares!  The NFL is just helping with its own demise….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6TKQUG46RS3BNVETKPTT2OIZPM JOHN

    You know what they say, ‘profanity is the language of the ignorant’.

  • ak1lz

    Ignorant humans make mistakes twice, maybe even considered mentally challenged when they have the opportunity to go with the actions as someone else but still fail to make the correct decision. 

    It’s kinda like if John here were to lick a fillet knife for no reason and then after bleeding profusely he goes and gives it another lick in slow motion while looking into a mirror. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YSSMYO2UEVKLXC4EVC7YUPOO24 Bob

    I find it very interesting that the ref is not qualified to work college Division I games but he can ref the most elite players in the world.  He was in the perfect position to, not only make the correct call, but to see the blatent offensive pass interference just before the interception that he would misrule on.  If you watch the replay from the correct angle, you see him glance at the other ref just as that ref’s arms are raising.  I believe that when he saw that, he thought the other ref was beginning to signal a touchdown and he signals one too.  Unfortunately he didn’t wait long enough to see that the other ref was signaling to stop time.

    The NFL concluded that the ref made the right call.  Of course the NFL will back him, they hired him.  The NFL is trying to save face, a maneuver that is failing dramatically.

    I just hope that the next missed call doesn’t cost a player a career ending injury. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/dennis.streeter.52 Dennis Streeter

    Now, now Lance reportedly works for Bank of America….that means he might be getting paid from us taxpayers bailout money from President Obama and his cronies.  The reporter says this should not tarnish Goodells record.  What?  He screwed up handling the Saints bounty thing and got his rulings reversed and hasn’t spoken up since.  Little Roger needs a time out to sulk.  To top that he (the NFL not the owners) went out and hired out of work Lingerie Football League referees….even ones fire as incompetent.  Yes this should tarnish his record…it may be old age, alzhemiers or just the fact  his wallet is so full he doesn’t give a d*#*#  about the game, players or fans anymore.  He has repeatedly preached “protect the shield” now between his own failings, poor choices and silence he has everyone shaking their heads in disgust.  TARNISH HIS CAREER..IT SHOULD END  HIS CAREER

  • http://twitter.com/ryansned66 Ryan Sned

    Maybe the ref’s are trying to repay the Seahawks for the time the “full time” refs stole the SuperBowl from them and gave it to the Steelers. Where was the call for investigation of the ref’s and all of the outrage then? No one cared because the Steelers were supposed to win and Vegas would be upset if they didn’t….lol

  • gman5727

    Have you ever made a mistake?

  • gman5727

    Even if it was Packer ball, let’s talk laying down on the job (i.e. Rodgers in the first half), and let’s talk holding because you can’t get the job done otherwise, (watch the 2nd half). I think the NFL told the officials at half time to not pay attention to the holding, because the Packer O line looked like a wet paper towel that a 2 year old could run through, and then if it gets to the point, call an interference so Green Bay can score a TD

    Face it, if the game had been called in the 2nd half like it was in the first half the Seahawks would have had 20 sacks and Clemans would have been up for the Safeway bagger of the year award!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/J327ZI42CWEYX42DWEJAVNNA6M ken

    maybe some of you good people need to read todays Santa Maria Times  and see many of Lance`s contributions to his local community before you trash the young man. Let`s face we have all made mistakes in our lifetime. Let`s move on.

  • Jeff Junkstuff

    there were 2 other bogus calls on this drive that should have ended the game so that makes 4 bad calls on this drive compared to 1 bogus call on GBs drive. Do the math moron

  • rondog65

    I am a Browns Fan! Nothing that happened Monday night will ever surpass the infamous “Inadvertant Whistle” of 1989! Still, the Packers were done wrong! Somebody needs to be held accountable! Oh snap! Antitrust laws! It happens! Get over it or you will lose the passion that makes us all FANS! Go Team!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HHBHFMHLYV7TRB7D4GW3IEVYPE stephen c

    If I make a mistake at my job it the fines can be in the thousands of dollars or put me in prison.If you make a mistake at your job will you face the same kinds of punishments if you make a error or even a line that is not marked properly? These guys are making huge money for the few hours they are on the field. So I do not give them any lee way whatsoever. Their mistakes are often and bad and yes peoples livleyhood are on the line when people get hurt because of bad call or not making the proper calls. These last 3 weeks the games have gotten out of hand and this needs to stop give the people what they are asking for this season and then in the off season work on what they are wanting

  • bart1299

     get bent john put the shoe on your foot

  • bart1299

    ha john clarke that refferee name is lance easley as stated he is not even ready to Reff div 1 football I hope is done you must be a raider fan

  • Ronk25

    Hey Easley, how does it feel to be considered the absolute worst official in the history of officials????? If you can party about that monicer then your even a bigger jerk than everyone already thought you are. You ought to be ashamed of yourself DUDE. YOU SUCK!

  • CptKirk1

    Well,       tate and the ref are a 100% wrong,   tate, offensive pass interference,  and Hell no ya did not catch the damn ball,  Packers WIN,  Period

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521475798 David Hebel

    I have no problem with him making a mistake.  I do have a problem with pretending it didn’t happen.  I’ve seen umpires make bad calls in baseball, and have the guts to admit it was a bad call.

    I also have a problem with Seattle not being honest about what happened.  No one is asking to give the game to Green Bay at this point.  But where is the honesty?

  • gman5727

    okay dipstick I will do the math. If the call had been made earlier then Green Bay would have kicked a field goal and Seattle would not have had to go for a touchdown, they would have just kicked a field goal themselves . Socre 10 = 9 and the Packers are still like you A LOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!

  • gman5727

    Hey Boy! Why can’t you just get over it, no matter how much you cry and moan, nothing is going to change. Take the money you make from being an owner of the Packers, oh that’s right, it’s just a ceremonius title, the fans own the packers, yep and my uncle Donald is going to give me a billion and a half when, oh wait, I don’t have an uncle Donald just like the fans don’t really own the packers. Get a life and quit yer bitchin!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6KM3HOUOX3KLM6G2VMQNRBZP3M Christobal!


  • VoudeauxChild

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy got paid to blow some calls. That last play wasn’t the only bad call he personally made against the Pack. Considering how much money changed hands in Las Vegas due to his “mistake” it wouldn’t shock me at all to discover this guy purposely blew those calls.