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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Leslie Frazier: Reports of Donovan McNabb Being Lazy Are ‘Ridiculous’

Although Donovan McNabb is only two years removed from the Philadelphia Eagles organization, it seems like a lifetime has passed since he was an effective NFL quarterback. McNabb’s fall from grace has been rapid, and as we all know his short stay with the Redskins went horribly to say the least.  At this point, there will be no career revitalization for McNabb.  Reports that claim he has been lazy and uncommitted with the Vikings have done nothing to improve his deteriorated image.

Leslie Frazier is doing his best to protect McNabb, however.  Despite the fact that Donovan has not been able to do anything to help Minnesota win this season, Frazier refuted claims that he has been showing up to meetings and practices late and putting in little effort with the team.

“Ridiculous,” Frazier said according to the Pioneer Press via Pro Football Talk when asked about the reports. “Flat-out ridiculous. I don’t know where that would come from. I mean, this guy worked his tail off when he was the starting quarterback, staying after practice, throwing balls with receivers. When I heard about that, ‘Wow, where would that come from?’”

We know McNabb has at least been enjoying himself during his free time by watching other special football games.  What we don’t know is what his level of commitment has been like for the hopeless Vikings.  There’s a pretty significant difference between showing up late to meetings and practices and staying late after practice to get extra reps.  Someone is telling a large fib.  Regardless of who it is, McNabb’s career as a starter has likely come to a close.

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