Matt Schaub lost part of his ear on illegal hit

Matt Schaub was bloodied on a vicious hit by Broncos linebacker Joe Mays on Sunday, and he confirmed after the game that he lost a chunk of it.

“I felt fine,” Schaub said, per the Houston Chronicle. “Lost a piece of my ear.”

Mocksession grabbed the shot you see above and was all over the development as it happened. They added the caption, “So Matt Schaub is now missing part of his ear.”

We’re guessing a piece of his ear came off when his helmet was dislodged on the hit.

Mays was penalized 15 yards for roughing the passer, a play after Von Miller was flagged for the same infraction. Schaub ended up missing a play before returning. He finished 17/30 for 290 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception in Houston’s 31-25 win.

Below is a video of the play:

Video via Cosby Sweaters

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  • irvingtonp33

    These replacement refs suck, now players think they can get away with those hits

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5LQDRNIMOHFXU647TCVEMNEB2I Ken

    Two consecutive illegal roughing penalties, including a brutal helmet to helmet – what the heck is going on here? Matt Schaub is a warrior, and Joe Mays is a punk. I am waiting to see what action the league takes against Mays. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PFJCUDRBHN4JLLTDKMSG57E3EQ dHb

    LOL was Iron Mike involved?

  • James Kansier

    Where is Goodell with high morale standards after destroying the Saint’s seasons by sequestering the head coach, suspending the defensive coach and his team captain?

  • michael umphrey

    it wasnt illegal at all, never touched his head. watch the game people.

  • http://twitter.com/TexXxas_Made Joe Kuykendall

    Really? YOU watch the tape, you can’t lead with your helmet especially at the QB. Watch again and notice the helmet pierce him in the chest. Plus, the Bronco players apologized after the game, if it wasn’t illegal, why would they apologize? 

  • Gary Edwards

    You could clearly see Mays lower his head right before he hit Schaub if you want to actually watch the game for the game as it is!!!! and by the way I’m a Bronco’s fan!!! but wrong is wrong!!!! Don’t think you’d be saying this if it was Peyton getting hit that way!!!!!!!!!!!! leading with the helmet is an illegal hit everytime!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6YFLGOKA2XMBMTA5GJNKL7KTJE Jeff

    It was a legal hit, if the QB is going to hold on to the ball with two hard hitters rushing him, he knew what was coming! Thats the chance he took!

  • zeke1731

     Are you kidding me? A legal hit? I’m not a big fan of all the new rules protecting QB’s and WR’s, but a HAND to the helmet can draw a flag. Lowering your head and leading with it to the helmet can draw a suspension, which may very well happen in this case.

  • drphilipjay

    Non-the less these guys who play make millions a year…It’s the price of the game and the voyeurs who watch, love the bloodletting….I’m hoping our Peyton who is on contract for 5 years for $96M to see what he can do with our Broncos. I predict..(hope).a 9-7 season…


     If it wasn’t illegal, it wouldn’t have been flagged….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VIZWNX5BEV3NOQNUY4ZEU7KPEE James

    your an idiotr i watch the game and it was the most brutal helmet to helmet hit i’ve ever seen. hope something like that doesn’t ever happen to you how do you think his helmet and part of ear came off you idiot

  • Derek Payne

    The whole protect-the-quarterback-at-all-costs thing ticks me off.  Mays was running full speed as Schaub turned into him as he threw the ball.  If Schaub hadn’t turned into it, he would have hit him on the shoulder.  There was absolutely nothing he could have done about it.  The worst part is that it wasn’t exactly a blow clearly to the head, it caught the very bottom of the helmet.  

    The defense is trying to get to the quarterback as quickly as possible.  If in the last split second, the quarterback puts his head where the defender is aiming, suddenly what was good defense turns into a 15-yard penalty and a fine.  The you hit  a running back going full speed helmet-to-helmet, its a perfectly legal hit.  Why?  Quarterbacks are the NFL’s money machines.  

    (On a slightly off-topic but related note, DBs should be able to take receivers to the ground at the line of scrimmage.  Why can’t they?  All the fans want to see the long pass play, which means more money in the NFL’s pocket)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74ZV74RVDL5DTV5MGT2H37VQ4M TiffneyT

    I guess a lot of people who are yapping away have not played true football. joe mays was actually trying to stop himself before he made contact with SChaub.. and if your going to wait to throw the ball at the very last second then buffer up cause a hit is coming.  DUH!!

  • Erin Higgins

    “trying to stop himself”…that’s a joke right? lol  There is absolutely no evidence in either angle of the play of him trying to stop himself.  Leading with helmet…illegal play…bottom line.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OBPD43UBMZ3RLDKPPPL3XNMXSA RC

    Hitting a quarterback in the head is a penalty, period. For those that think a hit to the chest,  sends your helmet off the back of your head(like somethng hit it), I have to ask,, Did you or any family members work, and/or know someone that worked on the Warren Commision? Kind of looked to me that he(Mays) was tryin’ to put the crown of his helmet right into the chin/jaw of one Mr. Schaub. Worked. A 6-game suspension is my recomendation Roger! Roger? 

  • MileHighMustangs

    If you watch closely enough to the slo-mo, it looks like it was going to be a really good and perfectly legal hit on the QB — but then just as Schaub threw the ball is what caused his own helmet to drop a few inches into the guy who coming into him.  So who’s fault is that supposed to be??  This is the NFL, so I guess it’s never the QB’s fault — he’s protected at all costs no matter what he does!  Also, what happened to his ear was most likely the fault of that earpiece that QB’s wear in their helmets to hear the play being called in from the sidelines — but I guess according to the NFL that will probably also be Joe Mays fault as well!

  • Justin Pope

    Regardless, you can’t hit anywhere near the head of the quarterback. You say his head dropped a couple of inches when he threw the ball. I’m not sure how you measure but that would still be in the head/chin/neck area. Everyone knows the rule and to go anywhere near the head on a quarterback, especially while leading with the head, is a one way ticket to supsension city. Like it or not, this is the rule the NFL has in place and they will enforce it until you understand. Ask James Harrison.

  • http://twitter.com/SuzieQ411 Suzie Scott

    What has to happen to make the league settle with the NFL refs? Does someone have to be paralyzed or killed? The players are taking advantage of the replacement refs. In all the games I have watched there are cheap shots given everywhere. The players know that they can get away with more. Get the “real” refs back and a lot of this foolishness will stop.

  • jset

    Actually you can lead with your helmet. That’s how you are taught to hit. He hit him in the chest and the ref threw a flag because of how brutal the hit was. it shouldn’t have been flagged in the first place.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VY2NAWXRYAZIDV4UGX6RJUZGI4 retired vet

    This is obviously the result of a bounty system….suspend the coach for a year and all the players involved for the rest of season…if it’s a fitting punishment for the saints….its a fitting punishment for everybody. 

  • Travis Jackson

     I agree, the refs are terrible. Now they are throwing a flag every play on MNF! WTF! COME ON NFL quit being GREEDY and pay the refs to maintain the integrity of the game. They have a service no one else can provide. Its easy, pay them now – continue to train and breed new refs and fire all of them once they have actually been trained properly…..GET IT DONE!

  • gepo

    Mays never even puts his hands up. leads with his helment and launches! He never touched Schaub with his hand or arms , he was trying to take Schaub out of the game!He needs to miss the rest of this season!

  • ad4232

     Your???? It’s “YOU’RE” AS IN YOU ARE. FYI, You’re an idiot!