NFL Fixing Games for the Patriots?

I’m not buying it, but that’s what the Ravens are saying. Many of them had strong charges towards the officials following the game, but that’s probably because they were so pissed off about losing a game they were winning. It truly was a great finish, and I found myself on edge thinking the Patriots’ undefeated season was going down. There was a defensive holding call on a 4th down pass by New England that went incomplete that would’ve otherwise ended the game. Additionally, there were two 15-yard penalties called on Bart Scott. As you could imagine, the Ravens felt they were fighting an uphill battle against the refs:

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs on officiating: “Everybody is kind of cheering for them to go undefeated and break all the records. They called them the greatest offense on earth. So who knows? … They made one more play than us and they got a little help.”

“It’s kind of the feeling of the 2001 tuck rule. It kind of feels like the tuck rule. That is the NFL for you, man. When they got a guy like that that is selling a lot of tickets, you want to keep him selling tickets.”

Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister on whether the NFL wants the Patriots to win: “They get a lot of calls. I’ll say that. We’ve been watching film on them all week and I mean, they do get a lot of calls. As far as the NFL wanting them to win, you can’t totally not think about it in those terms.”

I’ll say this much, watching the Patriots chase perfection is pretty exciting. Regardless of whether or not you want them to win, the pursuit is intriguing (and their last game is televised by NFL Network). Would I go as far as to say the refs are helping them out? I don’t know. The Ravens don’t call that dumb timeout, they win the game, and you don’t hear these complaints, capiche? If anything, I can remember times when the refs seemed against the Pats. I don’t think there’s anything to this story aside from bitterness on behalf of the Ravens. And when New England’s 16-0, none of this will be remembered (though it is fun to debate).

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  • http://psamp.blogspot.com tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson

    Steelers are going to beat them…no question. They’re better than the Eagles, have a better offense and defense than both Philly and Baltimore and can punish those ancient NE linebackers. Plus Ben Roethlisberger > Feeley and Boller combined.

    And that holding penalty on 4th down was way iffy. Looked like the contact was brief, came within the first 5 yards, then dude continued his route and batted the ball away. You can’t call that on 4th down with seconds to go.

  • LLoyd G Ertel

    i will tell you this. i saw the last quarter. and i have never seen such junk before in my life. the new england patriot are a roit. how many calls do the refs have to make? 4th down and the defensive player gets in the recievers way. IS NOT HOLDING. athe ball was not even thrown yet. which by the way is the rule. you cannot hold anybody my brushing.interfering in his way.
    sorry how can anybody beat a team with the refs also playing. that game belonged to the ravens. i am not a football fan. but i tuned in just to see the hype. i think i am going to watch baseball again. this game was just junk. i want my 3 hours back

  • Jeff

    The game wasn’t junk, but the 2 calls at the end of the game are both questionable. What you are starting to see is that the Pats aren’t unbeatable. The right team can and will beat them. Could be the Steelers or the Giants. How great would that be to have Miami beat them in week 16. The undefeated team loses to the team with no wins. It could happen, as its the NFL, and any team can beat any other team at any time. Its improbable, but not impossible.

  • JS

    Yeah, the NFL is fixing games for their good friend Bill Belichick.

    For the Ravens, as the late Jim Healy would say, bad teams find ways to lose the close games. Ryan blew it with the time out call.

  • Sirkris

    Same call got called againsit Dre Bly whent he broncos played the Bears. and in almost exactly the same situaition. The Bears were able to drive down the field for the weinning score. Also add in the 30 yards of penalties that Bart Scott got for Unsportsmanlike conduct and they win. So good teams win and bad teams find ways to lose. So before everyone jumps on the Ravens complaint bandwagon.Check the rule, the ball doesn’t hafta be in the air and refs have been calling things more tightly.even the announcers said it was.My questionable call is on the topuchdown catch.

  • Keith Richards

    Brady is not the best, a little pressure and his rating goes down among backup QB’s . New England is boring to watch and I hope they lose. Does anyone think they will dominate in the playoffs?

  • Gene

    The officials messed up calls against both teams. Wes Welker was banged up and knocked around the whole game, and it wasn’t called.

    If you saw that last play “Hail Mary”, you probably noticed a Ravens receiver, with his back to the ball, barrel into a Patriot defender and knock him back five yards, and down. There was no flag for offensive pass interference, even though it was the most obvious foul of the whole game.

    Bottom line, the Pats were lucky with the timeout call on the 4th down play. However, in no way does the league want Belichick to win them all.

    With the new TV policy, the Pats have had to play three night games in a row, the last two in bad weather. We will see this Sunday what they are made of. They are home and Pittsburgh is a formidable opponent.

    However, a perfect season is not the goal, winning the Super Bowl is. Stay tuned.

  • http://betting.betfair.com/us-sports Wizard of Odds

    The handicappers have the Pats as 12 point favourites for their matchup with the Steelers. I can’t help but think that Belichik will get things right for this game but that is a huge spread to cover against a formidable defense.

  • it’ssoobvious

    The officials are chosing when to call what. Anyone who’s is not a Patriot or Colt’s fan is upset now. The Colts get just as many assist as the Pats. I think it sucks. Of course the announcers cover it up. They would probably be fined. Anyone who denies it is in denial or lying.

  • alicia lee

    I have seen it for years that the NFL is using the referees to fix games. All you have to do is watch the games and see the teams like the Giants, Patriots, Colts, that are the league favorites and they are allowed to hold all the time and the referees never call them for it. But other teams are often called for “Phantom” holds at critical times in the games and these “Phantom” holding calls end drives that would have produced points and possibly defeated the league favorite teams. I suspect that the NFL is in cahoots with the Las Vegas bookies as hundreds of millions are bet on the games and to continue getting perks from the Las Vegas bookies, the league officials participate by using the referees to fix games so that the Las Vegas book very seldom loses.