OJ’s Former Agent Writing Book: How I Helped OJ Get Away with Murder

I spoke pretty vehemently in the past when OJ’s original book came out urging people NOT to purchase it. Why support that jerkoff? (unless you just wanted the money going to the Goldman family). Thankfully the publisher dropped out after all the initial backlash and the book, far as I know, fizzled. Well, guess that sign wasn’t enough for OJ’s former agent because he’s decided to author a book due out in April:

O.J. Simpson’s former sports agent of 18 years is writing a book: “How I Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder.”

Mike Gilbert’s book will be published by right-wing imprint Regnery, according to the Web site publishersmarketplace.com.

It is due out in April, just in time for the Juice’s armed-robbery trial in Las Vegas.

I honestly wonder how some people can live with themselves. Seriously. Can you believe such scumbags are living amongst us? And how can any sane publisher pick this thing up? I’ll have to make it a point from now on not to buy any Regnery books.

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  • http://pointguardu.com nick

    Can you believe such scumbags are living amongst us?

    Yup i can……

  • Abel

    If We’re Going to abide by the law, and all live as respectable citizens we have to acknowledge the fact that O.J was acquited and found “NOT GUILTY” on all charges in regards to the double murders. There for i believe, that At Least he’s entitled to voice his opinion. Granted he did lose the civil case, but for that he has already paid.

  • Dan

    Why not put the blame on the piss poor prosecution? They are the clowns who let this murderer end up being able to walk. But, I beleive what comes around goes around. Maybe his problems in Vegas will be what finally gets him into prison for a long time.

  • http://terryrfinley.bravehost.com/ Terry Finley

    That just shows us that folk will buy
    anything and will read anything.

  • mh

    HIf he writes a book titled “How I helped OJ get away with murder.” He better be damn careful with what he says There is no statute of limitations on accessory to murder.