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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Osi Umenyiora offers to buy back Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl ring, but there’s a catch

Just as the New York Giants are receiving their spiffy Super Bowl XLVI rings, a former Giants legend is about to lose his from over 20 years ago.

Lawrence Taylor‘s ring from when Scott Norwood won the Giants Super Bowl XXV in 1991 has hit the auction block. You would think it’s because L.T. needs to pay legal fees, but it’s actually his son who put the ring up for auction. As of writing, the latest bid was at $108,378 with six hours left in the auction.

Now Osi Umenyiora has entered the picture. The Giants defensive end is willing to buy Taylor’s ring for him, but first there’s a catch. Umenyiora has challenged his Twitter followers to get him to 500,000 followers by the end of the auction Saturday night. If he can reach that figure by the 10 p.m. ET deadline, he will place the winning bid. As incentive, Umenyiora will randomly choose one of his followers to personally give the ring back to L.T.

Umenyiora has his work cut out for him. He presently has just over 43,000 following him. Originally he set his target figure at 1 million but wisely cut that in half. But unless he cuts that number in half again (and maybe again), it’s probably safe to say this is going to happen.

I’m not going to tell Umenyiora how to spend his money, but if he was really cool he’d buy the ring regardless of what happens on Twitter. Why else say you’d do a really nice thing for somebody and end up not doing it merely because you didn’t get enough Twitter followers?

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