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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Patriots Teammates Basically Rip on Rob Gronkowski for Being Slow (Video)

Rob Gronkowski’s ankle has been by far the biggest Super Bowl 46 story line since the conference championship games ended. According to Gronk’s father, he has a high ankle sprain. On Monday, the walking boot he had been wearing came off for good. Knowing that, it would be shocking if Gronkowski didn’t play on Sunday. How effective he can be remains to be seen.

In any event, Gronk has been in good spirits all week. He has been the same “Yo soy fiesta” meathead we have all become so familiar with over the course of the season.  One thing we did get to see this week is how slow Gronk’s teammates think he is — mentally. Check out this video of the Patriots doing their best Gronk impressions that ESPN compiled on media day:

And that settles that. The Gronkowski we see during interviews is apparently the real Gronkowski.

H/T to Image CPR and Shutdown Corner

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