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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Patriots supposedly told Aaron Hernandez that iPhones could spy on him

Aaron Hernandez

Alexander Bradley, a former friend of Aaron Hernandez who claims Hernandez shot him in the face back in 2013, testified in court on Wednesday. While a judge has ruled that the alleged 2013 shooting cannot be introduced as evidence in the Odin Lloyd murder trial, Bradley’s testimony provided some interesting information about Hernandez’s paranoia.

In a pre-screening before the jury was seated, Bradley claimed Hernandez has serious trust issues and often felt that he was being watched by law enforcement. One specific example Bradley gave was Hernandez’s alleged belief that any iPhone could be recording his conversations. He claimed Hernandez told him he learned that in a team meeting with the Patriots.

“He didn’t want me to use iPhones around him because he stated all conversations could be heard at anytime,” Bradley said. “They told him that in a team meeting.”

Additionally, Bradley claimed Hernandez was concerned that he was being followed by helicopters and “all sorts of law enforcement.”

Hernandez allegedly shot Bradley in the face two years ago because of an argument over who would pay the bill at a club. That case, in addition to a shooting that took place in Boston back in 2012, have been ruled inadmissible.

The Patriots role in all of this sure is interesting. They had to have known Hernandez had a lot of red flags off the field. Hernandez’s own fiancee — who disposed of a heavy box for the former NFL tight end the day after Lloyd was murdered — and several others have indicated that Aaron smoked weed every single day. How he never failed a drug test after being drafted is beyond us.

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