Even Percy Harvin’s Confused by the Vikings’ Quarterback Situation

When I first saw the Vikings pick Percy Harvin in the draft, I was somewhat surprised and confused. Their biggest needs in my eyes are quarterback and secondary. I guess QB is a problem that they really couldn’t solve based on the lack of talent in the marketplace and maybe they didn’t feel there were good defensive backs available at 22. Because of that, they selected the versatile game-breaker, Percy Harvin. When I thought about Harvin and Peterson causing havoc behind that monster offensive line, I realized the Vikings made a good selection by giving themselves another excellent weapon. Still, there is one problem that looms over everything in Minnesota: who will get Harvin the ball?

Percy himself isn’t even sure of the answer to that question, judging by his introductory press conference on Sunday. Go to the 1:00 minute mark of that video and you’ll hear Percy say, “I’ve been waiting for this great opportunity to play with great players uhhh Adrian Peterson … uhhh … the quarterback … some of those players. So this is a great opportunity for me.” As good as Percy is and as much of a game-changer as he may be, I think he hit on the problem in Minnesota without even knowing it: they don’t have a real quarterback there. Sage Rosenfels can sling it around, but neither he nor Tarvaris Jackson is the answer. It’s too bad because the rest of the offense is really good.

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  • SpinMax

    One of the few times where a team could trade their whole draft for a QB and come out ahead.

  • VikingsFan

    Larry Brown,
    I agree our QB situation is not solved in most NFL fans eyes but to be honest outside of Cutler and Cassell there wasn’t many options to fill that need. Lets see how Sage can play here before we already claim him as not the answer. I know this gets thrown around to often but Trent Dilfer. Came from Tampa Bay not very good but in Baltimore all he had to do was get the ball to their playmakers (TE Sharpe and RB Lewis) Similiar to us just hand it off to AP and get the ball to our playmakers. Play within the offense and our defense will keep the games close.

    P.S. We didn’t ‘need’ a Cornerback as much as you suggested. Just signed Cedric Griffen to an extension and working on extending Winfield contract. I like the addition of Asher Allen because he can play Nickel and if we cant work something out with Winfield and he walks then we got a guy to step in potentially…