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Friday, March 27, 2015

Philip Rivers’ bolo tie is a good luck charm for Chargers

Philip Rivers bolo tie

If you saw what Philip Rivers was wearing to Paul Brown Stadium before the San Diego Chargers-Cincinnati Bengals playoff game on Sunday, there’s no way you would have picked anyone other than the Chargers to win the game.

Rivers rocked his bolo tie to the game and proudly wore it after the team’s 27-10 victory. You may recall that Rivers first introduced the masses to his bolo tie after the Chargers beat the Denver Broncos on the road in Week 15. My only question is: where were his rattlesnake boots this time?

There is little doubt what Rivers will be wearing for next week’s playoff game against the Broncos.

Photo: Twitter/rodjhnsn221
GIF via @cjzero

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