Rams Buy $8.9 Million of Scrambled Eggs

About six weeks ago, I pleaded for Trent Green to retire. Reports at that time suggested the Dolphins were interested in bringing Green back as one of their quarterbacks. So much for that. Instead, Green will be packing his bags for his hometown of St. Louis. That’s right, the Rams dropped $8.9 million on the candlelight quarterback (one blow and he’s out). Between a $2.1 million signing bonus, a $900k reporting bonus, and a $1 million base salary, the dude’s going to be making $4 million next year to backup Marc Bulger! Then again, backing up Bulger is like being starter 1B the way Bulger misses games.

Even if Green doesn’t get the remaining $4.9 mil over the next two seasons, he still will have heisted $4 mil from the Rams. Honestly, this is the same guy whose brains Jason Taylor said would turn into scrambled eggs with one hit. I just can’t understand why they would dump that much money on him. I know they were in competition for Green — as hard as that is to believe — but come on, $4 million for a backup? And it’s not like we’re talking about a backup like Brady Quinn who was a first round pick. I just don’t get it. One plate of Green eggs and ham, scrambled.

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  • SpinMax

    Ya know…the NFL takes all sorts of grief for not diagnosing concussions properly…and on top of that not taking care of former players…wouldn’t the responsible thing for the league to do is ban him for his own good?

  • brandon

    this is how shallow the qb pool is in the NFL when teams are taking fliers on players like trent green. The niners gave chris weinke a start last yer. Joey Harrington got a start. How is todd collins in the league still and getting attention as a viable option? There are 3 quarterbacks that will win you games in the league, (payton, brady, and big ben)a bunch that will lose a team more games than they will win when the ball is soley in thier hands (romo, carson palmer, alex smith, jake delhomme, kurt warner, chad pennington, jay cuttler), and the rest are just there because thier teams dont have other options (david garrard, philip rivers, matt hasselback, marc bulger, jason campbell, donovan mcnabb). im not on the eli manning train, yet. I want him to show me his maturity this year, after the birth of his legend in the superbowl last year. I yearn for the days of montana, elway, marino, young, the good farve, aikman, and even jim mcmahon. Where are the qb’s who have the killer instinct? Have we circumcised the position where we are looking for game managers instead of leaders?