Rob Gronkowski wears ‘Sorry for Partying’ shirt (Picture)

Rob Gronkowski sorry for partying

Rob Gronkowski seems to have responded to those critical of him for his offseason partying ways. The New England Patriots tight end was hanging out at Universal Studios Orlando on Saturday and was seen wearing a green tank top that said “Sorry for Partying” on it.

Given that Gronk hardly seems to mind getting photographed partying shirtless or wrestling on stage despite wearing a cast, we’re guessing that the shirt is his way of telling critics to stick it. And is Gronk the last man on the planet who actually wears a tank top in public? That guy really hates shirts.

Photo credit: Twitter/Tarah Maciel
H/T Busted Coverage

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  • Stowonder

    He does his job! and he has a life.outside of football he is in his 20,s and loves life ! He is not hurting anyone just haveing fun guys. Are you all  wishing it was you!!! let him be a person not just what you think he should do! And I’am sure any of you guys would want anyone telling you what to do  or waer
    LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!

  • Stowonder