Robert Griffin III-inspired ‘Griffining’ could become the new Tebowing (Pictures)

If you have not yet heard about Robert Griffin III’s Redskins debut, you were likely either out of the country on Sunday or do not follow sports. Griffin connected on better than 73 percent of his passes and threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns in an upset victory over the Saints. He also ran for 42 yards and finished the game with a phenomenal 139.9 passer rating. So it only makes sense that RG3mania is sweeping the nation (and most certainly its capital). And what’s a national QB craze without a signature pose to mimic from coast to coast? Tebowing is so 2011; make way for Griffining.

Yes, the Tim Tebow-inspired phenomenon Tebowing, which this Broncos linebacker attempted to keep alive on Sunday night, was all the rage last season. However, Tebowing could soon be overtaken by Griffining, which is the act of sitting on your backside with your fingers pointed to the sky. As you can see from the photo above, it was a pose that RG3 was captured in during Sunday’s victory in New Orleans.

Below you will see photos that fans tweeted at the Redskins fan blog Burgundy Blog’s Twitter account on Monday to start the trend. Internet sports radio show Ball Hog Radio also got in on the act by offering a free wristband to the person who tweeted the best Griffining picture Monday. Since then, a “Griffining” Twitter account was started and has amassed nearly 2,000 followers.

But until we see Playboy Playmates doing it, it stands no chance of becoming our favorite.


Once the trend started going viral, the “Griffining” locations became more creative:

If Griffin leads the Redskins to a six-game winning streak, you can bet that “Griffining” will continue to grow just like “Tebowing” did.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6XFWJCTNG5XFGNEMCYBNDPWJXU Jacob

    tired of the media trying to create hype over nothing…he pointed in the sky after he scored a TD. whoopdi-fucking-doo.

  • GwymaN

    I was at saints game rg3 play as well as i thought he would.The saints played terrible.It look like rg3 was the all pro and brees was a rookie.He and Skins play a perfect game.I just think he wont be a qb that will be a 16 game guy.He never got hit really hard yesterday.He reminds me on Vick when he first came in league.If he stays in pocket then he will be a gifted nfl qb if he starts that running someone will lay him out and may end up like Vick as being always hurt.I hope he does well.Also the refs on this game did not help either team in fact it was way too many(24)   thought game would never end.The redskins will be better and its like the old saying any   Sunday you will win games you should win and lose games you should win.The redskins had that yesterday and as for the Saints played their worst game and still could have tied it.If the saints had the ball for almost 20 more minutes do you think it would have been close.But again the Skins did it and they deserve this win.They won it!

  • victor scott

    please do not start  comparing  these  two guys always hafto measure a a talent against someone you all idealize tebow is not on rg3 level tebow is a big 
    tightend that thinks he is a QB along with others/that is stupid to name  the tebowing  history tells me most athletes in football always boud on 1 knee after a TD and prayed you soup up the maning boys and brady every year like there is no one else is on the field if there that good what about the weapons HB.REC and especially the line if a guy is more talented like RG3 like your ideals buid the offense around him and mirrors his talent don.t blame a guy  that have speed and can scramble and more talent im sure he will get hit /setting always in the pocket doesn’t always work for every QB /he will have some bad games/but he will prosper/so let him enjoy his rookie season and quit always comparing pure talent with others and be thankful that talent like cunnigham.vick.RG3. exsist/bring a different demention to the game /didn.t barry sanders he is still learning tebow has been there and accomplished more commercials than yards

  • JasonS8

    Whether you think Robert Griffin III is a better quarterback than Tim Tebow isn’t the point.  All of these “-ing” football memes are getting ridiculous.  They’re just riding the coattails of Tebowing.  People thought Bradying would “become the new Tebowing.”  And now, Griffiing is supposed to “become the new Tebowing”?  Please, just stop all of this nonsense.  Or, at least be original.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KPVPITGMTXWI4LPUC6NPDZH3WU Thug

    I cannot wait till defensive coordinators get game film on Griffin, then all this stupidity will stop

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GUTNW7GHQLCU4CAHDZM2TJAMV4 SamE

    In this case its not the media but the regular users of the internet who spread memes. The media is just picking up on it and recognizing it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3S4PG2ZWHULIXSK7PBWMS3J5EE Heath

    Tim didn’t invent Tebowing, bowing to one knee has been done for years.