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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ryan Mallett Reportedly Admitted to Drug Use During Draft Interview

Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett is thought to have the best arm in the draft, but he’s also facing obstacles in gaining approval from NFL teams. There have been some serious character concerns for Mallett, including his rough interactions with the media which drew comparisons to Ryan Leaf. Additionally, there have been widespread rumors about Mallett’s drug use throughout college and an analyst saying Mallett is a “Caucasian street guy” like Eminem or Vanilla Ice. Even Mallett’s coach at Arkansas, Bobby Petrino, tried to improve Mallett’s slang because of concerns over image and appearance.

Though Petrino and Mallett have defended his character, a report from Pro Football Weekly says the young quarterback actually admitted to drug use during a draft interview.

“One GM said Mallett was the first quarterback ever to admit his drug usage to him in interviews, and his willingness to be honest about his past and acknowledge issues is viewed as a positive. … [Mallett] carries a reputation as a “big party guy,” per sources who have interviewed him. How much teams believe he has matured will weigh into his draft status. “I would not take him at any point,” one executive not in need of a quarterback said. He still figures to be drafted in the second round.

Mallett has admitted he was immature in college, which certainly points to partying and/or potential drug use. If he did admit to drug use during interviews, that’s between him and the teams. I would look at that as a sign of honesty and trust, and I would applaud him for being open to them. But that’s not what matters. What really matters is whether or not he’s mature now and ready to be a franchise quarterback and team leader. That’s what NFL teams have to determine for the future. Right now, I would be somewhat skeptical.

via CBS Sports

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