Steve Young to Poor Sport Brian Urlacher: You Got Tebowed, Take it (Video)

We weren’t the only ones who thought it was in poor taste that Brian Urlacher called Tim Tebowa good running back” after his Bears lost to the Broncos in overtime Sunday. ESPN NFL analyst Steve Young took it a step further, telling Urlacher that he got “Tebowed” and that he had to suck it up and take it.

“I thought it was so cheap of Brian Urlacher after the game [to say] we lost to a running back,” Young said. “To me, he did it to you. He Tebowed you. Just take it. Like a man, and walk away. You lost your shot.”

The video is even more amusing than the words:

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LFHZJGW4Y6KIH725OXU2FN6V3A Joel

    Maybe Urlacher should be asking the Phi Beta Kappas who serve as his head coach and defensive coordinator why they switched from the nine in the box defense that was pitching a shutout until 2:00 left in the game to a prevent (a victory) defense that allowed Tebow to complete passes in what then became a soft zone.