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Monday, June 18, 2018

Tarvaris Jackson Receives Condoms for Protection After Being Sacked 5 Times

Four quarterbacks were sacked a league-high five times during week one of the NFL season. Tarvaris Jackson at least has something (other than a few bruises) to show for it.

The Seahawks QB says he received a package of condoms in the name of extra protection. NuVo condoms is responsible for the promotional campaign and they reportedly plan to continue the practice throughout the season.

It’s a clever marketing idea and it’s something they’ve done before. They sent Jim Thome 600 Jimmy hats when he hit his 600th home run.

Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, and Kyle Orton also were sacked five times but there’s no word if they received the packages. In Jay’s case we know he won’t be using them. In Kyle’s case, judging by his neckbeard, he seems like more of a raw-dogger than anything else.

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