Tim Tebow Says He Has Never Heard of Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

Is it really possible for someone who plays professional sports to never have heard of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx?  Is it possible for Tim Tebow to tell a lie?  The answer to both of those questions cannot be no.  Either there is an NFL quarterback who knows absolutely nothing about the SI jinx, or Tebow is lying.  How dare you think it could be the latter.

Tebow will be on on the cover of this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated for the seventh time in his life.  Considering he has made a career out of appearing on the cover and has never suffered any type of significant injury, it makes sense that he would ignore the voodoo talk.  Strangely enough, however, Tebow has heard of the Madden cover curse.

“What is that?” Tebow said according to the North County Times when asked if he was concerned about being on the magazine’s cover. “Well, I haven’t heard that. I heard of the Madden Jinx. Well I hope it doesn’t happen. I didn’t even know I was on that.”

Perhaps some extra Tebowing will be in order for the entire Broncos team to protect themselves against the hex.  For what it’s worth, the Madden curse is the one to believe in if superstition is your thing.  Sports Illustrated is a weekly publication that has claimed very few in the grand scheme of things, whereas the Madden cover has made victims out of Peyton Hillis, Troy Polamalu, and possibly Drew Brees (if he was playing hurt last year) all since 2009.  My prediction: Jesus will prevail.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Benoit/1847313267 James Benoit

    S.I. is a MAGAZINE. Most people under 30 have never READ a magazine. They read the INTERNET and their Kindles, and I-Pads and smart phones. Tebow is a young person.

    He’s of what we here in Texas like to call “the modern era.”

  • Anonymous

    “Most people under 30 have never READ a magazine.”

    That’s a joke right???

  • http://twitter.com/TicketNest786 ticketnest

    I have not yet heard about this magzine. Now after reading this post .i m crazy to read this magzin as early as possible  Till now i have read every updates and latest neaws on internet .But now i will try

  • http://profiles.google.com/cbdemoreno Chris Brown

    He just doesn’t want to also admit he knows what the S.I Swimsuit edition is. I don’t care if you’re young, if you’re in the sports industry, you’ve heard of Sports Illustrated. I mean, they put Superbowl winners on the damn cover every year. Does he not watch the superbowl or read about sports AT ALL? It’s one thing to have never read it but never even heard of it? I smell lies. (Though i hope im wrong because I like the guy, just not as a QB.)

  • Anonymous

    I’m 73 years old and although I’ve read articles in SI I’ve never heard the SI curse – what is it?  Might be becuase I’m female and only read articles about football.