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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Tom Brady and Randy Moss Reportedly Had Fight Over Beard and Girly Hair

The Patriots shocked the league when they traded Randy Moss to the Vikings early in the week. With the surprising trade coming together so quickly, it feels like we’re learning more and more information on a daily basis that explains why the Patriots made the deal. First we heard about a “blowup” Moss had at halftime of the team’s Monday night game. Now, CBS information man Charley Casserly reports that Brady and Moss went toe-to-toe in a fight the week before the trade.

According to Casserly, Brady confronted Moss about his attitude. Brady also reportedly told Moss to shave his beard. Moss shot back at Brady, telling him to cut his girly long hair.

It’s no surprise that we haven’t heard about the incident before. Teams go to great lengths to keep locker room tussles in-house to avoid public scrutiny — especially the Patriots. Some quarrels inevitably become public, but they happen every week on every team. Incidents like this however, help explain the impetus for the trade. Additionally, Tom Brady’s quiet reaction to the deal now seems to make sense.

As far as the information goes, I would expect a denial from New England. Last year, Belichick dissed Casserly who reported Tom Brady was playing with broken ribs. Belichick said Casserly was wrong more than meteorologists, but Casserley was redeemed when it was later proven that Brady was playing hurt.

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