Tom Brady rocks phenomenal white sweater after comeback win


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has earned the right to wear pretty much whatever he wants. That was especially true after the incredible comeback win he orchestrated over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday with just over a minute remaining in the game. Had the Patriots come up short, he may have looked ridiculous in his white sweater.

Fine, he still looked ridiculous. But it wasn’t as bad as Rob Ryan’s face after his Saints defense blew the game. Brady looked dumb when Julian Edelman snubbed him on that high-five, but he could have worn a tutu to his postgame press conference and pulled it off. That’s what happens when you throw a game-winning touchdown pass to a rookie wide receiver with a few seconds remaining.

PS: Is that a red dot on that sweater? It can’t be.

Photo via Twitter/Kevin Lincoln

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  • Turbineguy

    How does Brady (or anybody) “look dumb” when dissed over a high-five? (assuming Edelman didn’t see him)

  • Paul

    People make fun of Peyton and Eli Manning facial expressions, but they are cool and funny as hell. Down to earth. Tom Brady meanwhile has to be the biggest douche in sports now. Wtf. He didn’t start out that way, but he sure as hell is ending that way. Wtf. Lol

  • Paul

    How? Very easily. And even more easily for Tom.

  • Robert James Rogers

    moronic comment !

  • Robert James Rogers

    nice look on sweater & when mr.clutch with pitiful receivers wins at end again who cares what he wears !