Tomlinson says Classless Patriots learn from Belichick

LaDainian Tomlinson went to meet some of the opposing players on the field following the game – as is the tradition in the NFL.  However, the post-game show on CBS caught Tomlinson getting into a shoving match with a few Patriots. In his post-game interview on the podium, Tomlinson addressed the shoving, saying it had to do with the Patriots’ celebration following Kaeding’s missed potential game-tying field goal that resulted in a 15 yard penalty for excessive celebration:

“I would never ever react in that way.  You guys know me, I’m a very classy person.  I wouldn’t have reacted like that so yes I was upset.  Because when you go into the middle of our field and you start doing the dance that Shawne Merriman is known for, that’s disrespectful to me.  And I can’t sit there and watch that.  And so yeah, I was very upset.  And just the fact that the way they showed no class at all and maybe that comes from their coach.”

Maybe that comes from their coach?  Hmm, didn’t know Tomlinson had a beef with Belichick, but certainly now we know that he does.  The dance Tomlinson is referring to is Merriman’s “Light’s Out” dance where Merriman acts like he’s pulling the cord to turn off a light bulb.  A couple thoughts there – don’t get upset about other people celebrating when it’s your teammate Merriman who started it.  If you don’t like celebrations, then why isn’t Merriman’s dance disrespectful?  Since Tomlinson isn’t complaining about Merriman’s dance, just the fact that the Patriots did it, this unfortunately becomes a clear case of sour grapes for a guy whose reputation had previously been sterling.  Oh yeah, just a thought my friend John Ramey brought up, are you really classy if it’s a self-proclaimed trait? 

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  • http://chroniclesofderek.blogspot.com/ Derek

    He was pissed plain and simple and is trying to use that you know I am a good guy stuff to try and get a pass on his actions. You lost man it’s nothing your not used to is it ? I think he is a nice guy and has brought some excitement to the league but he’s also a professional and needs to act accordingly win or lose .

  • Chris

    LT is right. It was disrespectful because the Patriot players were mocking the Chargers by using Merriman’s dance. If T.O. did the same thing, it would be all over the news as being disgraceful. Why do the Patriots get a free pass?

  • Eddie

    I was at the game. I expected the Pates to act like they have been there before because they have been there before. Instead I saw a Miami Hurricanes impression. Forget about Shawn Merriman’s dance, Roosevelt Colvin talked more trash during the game then all of the Chargers combined. LT was pissed, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t right.

  • marc

    LT is a team player. The Pats had it comming. Dont dis his team.

  • Eric

    Ok seriously, this is stupid. It’s ok to dance around like a moron when that roid rage idiot knocks down a QB? I mean he got canned for 4 games, but yeah he still have like 14 sacks. Must be hard to get that many when you go against Oakland twice and they have as good an O-line as the Bay-Area Old Time Depends All Stars. Anyway, I digress. If you can dance when you cheat and cry when you lose, pretty sure it’s ok if the Patriots rub it in your face. You didn’t let any fans buy tickets, and had the audacity to plan parades? Come on now. Anyway, hope roids has fun watching the playoffs with the lights out.

  • stewart

    This is a joke that LT would be mad about this. The pats did nothing wrong. LT was acting out on the loss. He needs to look back and get his head straight. He is a great player but he is losing his luster with this type of coments.

  • Kris in Phoenix

    I think LT went overboard here by taking a shot at Belichick. I din’t have a problem with him refusing to shake the Patriot players hands but to take a direct shot at Belichick was going overboard. I’m sure a lot of this has to do with the frustration of losing the game but again, he overreacted.

    Now… What the Patriots did was completly unsportsmanlike. They have been there before and they need to act like that.

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  • http://twitter.com/kgrhodes4f4d Keith Rhodes

    The Patriots are classless ~ period.