Video: Brett Favre’s Dirty Chop Block on Eugene Wilson

The Wildcat offense has swept its way through the NFL, all the way from Miami to apparently now Minnesota. One potential problem with the formation is that it often keeps quarterbacks on the field but split out as a receiver. On running plays, their assignment is to block. For some quarterbacks that could be a problem. For Brett Favre it’s not an issue because he just chose to play dirty instead. Check out the video of Brett Favre’s block on Eugene Wilson.

The Monday Night Football crew rightfully skewered Favre for the play and didn’t hold anything back. I’m glad to see people are putting as much consideration into that play even if it’s not the quarterback being hit. As for good ole #4, you woulda thought he learned from Trent Green’s scrambled eggs. Guess not.

via Shutdown Corner

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  • http://dealpi.ejoop.com Josh

    So he can dish it out but can’t take it. I’m sure they’ll remember that hit next time they are getting ready to sack favre.

  • SpinMax

    Never heard of him

  • Joe Smith

    Any player in the NFL can afford to have their career ended early. I think they might be able to get by with their 60 mil.