Video: Mike Jenkins Wusses Out on Tackling Giants RB Derrick Ward

Like many of you, I saw the Giants manhandle the Cowboys on Sunday. Their first three touchdowns came on passes by Eli Manning, but the running game got the last two. Absolute man-child Brandon Jacobs bowled some people over to make it 28-7 — something not unfamiliar for Jacobs. But it’s the final touchdown scored by the Giants that leaves the total blackeye for the Cowboys. As pointed out by NFL Primetime, check out this absolute phantom tackle job by Cowboys rookie cornerback Mike Jenkins. He’s the guy at the top of the screen wearing #31 that completely avoids contact:

I don’t even want to think about what type of criticism he’s going to take in that locker room when they watch the game film. Unless he had a dislocated shoulder and broken arm at the time, there’s absolutely no excuse for wussing out like he did. Check that, there’s absolutely no excuse for pussing out on a hit that badly. That is just horrible. Maybe he had the Giants giving the 9?

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  • http://simononsports.blogspot.com simon

    That was absolutely terrible. Even more terrible was the fact that was Derrick Ward a normal size running back and not Brandon Jacobs the Juggernaut.

  • janie

    Give this guy a DNA test as he has to be related to Deion Sanders. Although Deion has been retired for over 5 years, it has been at least 10 years since he hit anybody on the field.

  • Carlos

    Janie, that’s not true. He slapped a lot of man ass on the sideline.

    About jenkins…When kickers are tougher than you, you are the definition of fail.

  • SpinMax

    Wow bringing up Deion Sanders? Deion never pulled crap like this. He was a wimp when it came
    to tackling, but he wasn’t a coward.