Video: Reggie Bush Electrifying Punt Returns vs. Vikings, Gets Great Blocking

If there were any questions as to whether or not Reggie Bush would be able to do what he showed at USC in the pros, they certainly were answered on Monday night. Returning one kick or punt for a touchdown in a game is a big deal. But two? That’s pretty nuts. That’s Deion Sanders/Devin Hester material right there. The first punt return for a TD was awesome because of the excellent blocking Bush received on the play. Check out Jo-Lonn Dunbar lay out Erin Henderson to spring Bush, not to mention another domino fall almost simultaneously:

If I’m not mistaken, Henderson’s feet actually became higher than his head after that hit. I assume that’s what they mean when they say “decleated.” That was the first of Bush’s outstanding returns. Here is his other TD as well:

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    When I was talking on the phone to my friend in Tennessee, who is a big Vikings fan, was telling me about the first punt return by Reggie Bush. Trust me he was very happy when the second touchdown came around. The whole time I was laughing with amazement.

  • Huge Block

    That block was the hugest thing i have ever seen. I was shocked to see Henderson get back up on that one, let alone as fast as he did