Vince Wilfork Sees Why Giants Would be Favored in Super Bowl

At last check of the Super Bowl betting odds, a lot of professional money was coming in on the Giants. They were 3.5 point underdogs at the time, and they’re now 3-point dogs.

Even though New England is favored in the game, Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork says he understands why many people have the Giants favored.

“I would see why people would say they need to be favored. They’re a heck of a ball club,” Wilfork said Thursday. “It seems like the later in the season it gets, the better they get. They peak at the right time. I understand, and trust me, I see the same things they see. I watch film a little bit more in depth than those guys. The Giants are a real, real good football team.”

The Giants have been underdogs their last two games, and part of the reason they haven’t been favored too much is because they were on the road, and because they’ve been late bloomers. Another reason why the Patriots are favored is because they’re a team most members of the betting public would wager on, so they have to take that account in order to get a somewhat balanced split of money. I agree with Wilfork and would probably favor the Giants by 2 points.

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    Everyone needs to calm down this spread has barely been more then 3 anytime. In 3 of the 4 Giants playoffs games the spread has been a FG or less. The only time they have been huge dogs was against the Packers. Anytime the spread is within a FG the oddsmakers expect the game to be close. These players are getting a bit to carried away with it. 

  • Gene

    The oddsmaker’s job is not to determine the winner.  It is to get public money bet in a certain direction.  For example, in 2007, Pats had perfect record and were favored over the Giants by more than a touchdown and the Giants won the game 14-10.  In 1968 (Jan 1969 Super Bowl), Colts had one loss all year in the established NFl and were favored by almost three TD’s over the Jets, who were fortunate to beat the Raiders in the AFL championship game.  Final score, Jets 16-7 and it wasn’t that close.

    Too many people are making a big deal about the point spread when the game will be won or lost on the field a week from Sunday.