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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Warren Moon questions whether Tim Tebow can play quarterback in CFL


Tim Tebow was released by the New York Jets and is hoping to sign with a new NFL team. Tebow wants to continue playing quarterback, but many believe his only future in the NFL would be at another position. Some have even suggested that if he wants to continue a professional career at quarterback, he needs to head to the CFL (the Montreal Alouettes held his rights as of December). Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, who starred in the CFL before coming to the NFL, isn’t sure if Tebow’s passing skills are good enough for the Canadian Football League.

Moon joined 610 Sports Radio in Houston’s “MaD Radio” show with Seth Payne and Mike Meltser on Wednesday and was asked by the hosts whether Tebow could play in the CFL.

“I’m really not sure,” Moon told Payne and Meltser. “You have to be able to throw the ball up there if anything and they throw the ball a lot. There are only three downs so the passing game is much more important up there. You have got to be able to throw it and I think that’s his biggest problem, just being [able] to complete passes, be an accurate passer. I think he’s a really good athlete playing the position but I don’t think that’s enough sometimes.”

Though Moon questions Tebow’s passing, he commended the former Heisman Trophy winner for his work ethic.

“[Tim’s] been given a lot of opportunities to play the position. He’s worked as hard as anybody can but there just hasn’t been that much improvement made in his quarterback fundamentals and his technique so he might think about maybe playing another position if he wants to stay in the NFL. Or he can give a try to Canada and see if he can make it up there playing quarterback. But it’s still going to be tough if you can’t throw the ball.”

Ouch. That’s pretty harsh. But Moon isn’t alone there. Our friend Andrew Bucholtz, who writes for Yahoo! Sports’ CFL blog, said the exact same thing last year.

Just because the CFL is a level beneath the NFL doesn’t mean Tebow would have success there. Honestly, I believe Tebow easily is good enough to be a backup quarterback in the NFL. The big problem is most teams don’t want him because of the huge media circus he brings.

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