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Friday, June 22, 2018

Australian Golf Club had to Tranquilize Rogue Kangaroo

Because we tend to think of ourselves as beings who run the universe, we often forget that we actually share the world with other living creatures. In Australia, kangaroos view us as the one’s encroaching on their territory. You remember this kangaroo who interrupted a Rory Sabbatini shot by pleasuring himself on the green? It was a clear statement that the roo had no problem making himself at home wherever he chose. Now it seems as if another marsupial feels the same way.

The Sanctuary Cove golf club in Australia recently had to tranquilize a kangaroo because it had become so disruptive. They were careful to say they “moved her to a new home.” The roo apparently had become such a disturbance they swiped blue paint on her head for identification purposes.

“The animal had been harassing some golf members and we felt it needed to be removed,” the club’s general manager told The Courier Mail.

At this point would anyone be surprised if the kangaroo made its way back to the course? I certainly wouldn’t — those are some territorial beings.

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