Bettor reportedly won over $32,000 on a $70 Ernie Els British Open bet

Adam Scott collapsed so badly at the British Open on Sunday that his name was already stenciled on a piece of championship hardware before the tournament ended. But it wasn’t all for none. When Scott birdied the 14th hole, the betting odds for him to win the tournament skyrocketed to -7000. That means he had a 98% of winning with four holes remaining and Ernie Els, who was in second place and trailed by four shots, had virtually no chance.

According to WagerMinds.com, at least one bettor wasn’t prepared to give up on Els at that point and decided to make a wager to prove it. Els was an incredible 469-to-1 underdog heading into the 15th hole, and the bettor placed $70 on Els to take home the trophy. As we know, Ernie erased the four-stroke lead and went on to win. His victory reportedly netted the gutsy gambler $32,830.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — the fact that he won doesn’t make it a smart bet. Every year we see bettors who win incredible amounts of money on miraculous comebacks or long-shot horses, but wagers of this nature happen all the time and are usually guaranteed money for the house. Something tells me the person who won over $32,000 on Sunday doesn’t care if their bet was intelligent or not.

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  • http://twitter.com/doneandgone Bruce Dotson

    Story says the line went to -7000 which is 70-to-1.  How did the bettor get 469-to-1?

  • http://www.facebook.com/leo.halstead Leo Halstead

     Minus 7000

  • westnlas

    To say it was a stupid bet is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard ! I mayself doped 4 major upsets in week 15 of the 2009 NFL season and made a good return on my “STUPID” investment. I just followed stats that others overlooked. Successful punters LOVE those stupid bets ! Especially when the public forces the bookie to offer fantastic offsetting prices !

    I have also noticed that sportswriters cannot handicap very well, and should not offer opinions about those who can dope out an event.

  • Brian Shannon

    I’m will to bet that his 32K winnings aren’t going to make him break even on his bets and he is still in the hole.  Bets like that tell me that he has made plenty of those in the past