Bubba Watson goes ‘Happy Gilmore’ during first tee shot at Ryder Cup (Video)

The Ryder Cup is one of the most unique events in sports, and many people agree that it is the most exciting event in golf. In a sport that is typically dominated by individual play, the best golfers in the world get a chance to come together every other year and represent their countries in a team event. Playing in his first Ryder Cup on U.S. soil, Bubba Watson got swept up in the moment on Friday afternoon as he approached the first tee for his fourball match.

Golfers usually like total silence when they’re approaching a shot, but Bubba decided to go “Happy Gilmore” before his drive at the first tee. He let the crowd make as much noise as they wanted during his swing, and the ball ended up only a few steps off the fairway and in decent position. If someone tossed a “mashed potatoes!” in there the moment would have been picture perfect.

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  • bohoops

    I love golf, but never understood why you can’t make noise. Baseball players hit a moving ball going 100 mph while the ball is changing directions using a round bat and are able to concentrate just fine while only having an 1/8 of a second to decide to swing or not while 50k people are screaming.  I’m an 18 handicapper (not good, not real bad) and it doesn’t bother me when my friends try to break my concentration. I shoot the same whether they talk or not.  Actually, I like the trash talk, makes it more fun.  It shouldn’t bother a professional.  Fans pay good money to see these best in the world play, they should be able to cheer (not jeer – it’s still a gentleman’s game) anytime they want.  Great job Bubba.  They should have at least one tournament a year where the fans can cheer during play and make it mandatory that the big name player have to participate.  It would be fun!  Nothing cracks me up more when an announcer in a booth miles away whispers so as not too affect the shot.  Silly!