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Monday, June 18, 2018

Jason Dufner messes up putt in hilarious fashion (Video)

Jason-Dufner-botched-puttOne of the reasons I love watching golf so much is it gives terrible golfers like myself a chance to witness professionals making some of the same mistakes I make. During the Franklin Templeton Shootout on Saturday, Jason Dufner did something that every one of my buddies has done but I have never seen a PGA golfer do.

Dufner went to address his birdie put on the 9th hole and inadvertently tapped it, sending it roughly a foot sideways. Had something like this happened at the Masters, no one would have been smiling. Since it happened at one of those laid-back tournaments at the end of the season, the guys Dufner was playing with burst out laughing.

Dufner and his partner Dustin Johnson finished 11th out of 12 pairings. The botched birdie attempt contributed to that, but I’m sure DJ won’t hold it against him. Being there to witness Duf screw up like that was probably worthwhile.

H/T Darren Rovell

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