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Monday, June 25, 2018

Rory McIlroy falls for Google Nose April Fools’ Day hoax

Google Nose

Rory McIlroy was one of the many people who fell for the Google Nose April Fools’ Day prank.

Google has become known for running hoaxes on April Fools’ Day. On Monday, they claimed to roll out a new program called “Google Nose.” A landing page was created — complete with the full Google look — and a YouTube video was made to introduce the product. The landing page even claimed the product was in BETA mode.

Google Nose claimed to allow users the ability to search for something and smell it using the Google Nose option. The promo video showed people sniffing their computer screens and mobile devices, making it look real.

So, did you fall for the Google Nose hoax? If so, you are not alone.

Don’t sweat it, Rory. A few years ago, Google got me by promising a new service that would allow one to unsend previously sent emails via Gmail. LBS also fell for an April Fools’ Day hoax from Mike Tyson today. Those Google rascals!

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