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Friday, June 22, 2018

Tiger Woods Hot Dog Thrower Was Inspired by the Movie ‘Drive’

At the Frys.com Open this past Sunday, 31-year-old Brandon Kelly put himself on record as the man who threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods.  Think that’s bizarre enough?  Get this, Kelly informed the Santa Rosa Press Democrat that he was inspired by the movie Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, to do something “courageous and epic.”  This led Kelly to run onto the 7th green as Tiger prepared to putt, fling a hot dog towards the golfer, then promptly lie flat on the grass to surrender as security rushed in.

The best thing is that it was all caught on video:

Usually, any story involving Tiger is centered around the golfer.  Not in this case.  This is about a man whose idea of “epic and courageous” was throwing a frankfurter at a golfer of whom he supposedly is a fan.  We’re not talking about the Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoe at former President George W. Bush.  At least his reasons were understandable.   And at least he had an arm.   Kelly got no distance on that hot dog toss whatsoever.

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